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Det vete faglarna


Great Furrin Idioms translated into English. I was thinking the other day that the German idiom "Wie Gott in Frankreich" is just great, and I could use "Det vete faglarna" in an English novel without anyone knowing I didn't invent it! D And there are other great "Det vete faglarna" in all languages. Here are some German ones, their literal translations and and their meanings: Flemish is also a language with a lot of idioms. Let me think of a few: Mir ging das Messer in die Tasche auf.

Meaning, very few people. Only four cats went to David's birthday party. Meaning, something that has no chance to ever being found. That money is more lost than Lindbergh's child!

Named after some riots formed against the government in St. Meaning, someone has stated something awfully obvious. Meaning, a snipe hunt. The portuguese version is You've discovered gunpowder. I remembered some more. Sara, you made me remember one. Especially Det vete faglarna in Mexico. Remembered a few more.

Often the answer to a questions like 'How did that happen? These are the same in German: We have this one too, Apertar o cinto. These are so much fun.

Det vete fåglarna (Idiom, Swedish)...

Don't know whether there's another thread on this somewhere already, but anyway I love discovering words and phrases in French that create a stronger or more interesting image in my head than the English equivalent if it existsand I guess the same is true of Det vete faglarna languages too. So if you feel like sharing, stick 'em here.

Det vete fåglarna (i don't...

I'll start with a few from French. Faux plat not to be confused with faux pas - literally "false flat" and means the kind of gentle slope that isn't steep enough to look like a slope but makes you wonder if you've put on a few pounds when you cycle up it. Il a les dents qui rayent le parquet - literally "he has teeth that scratch the wooden floor" because they are so long and means he is highly ambitious. And my personal favourite: And I've got one that exists only in franconian dialect: Means someone is being stupid, the bell churchbell rings exactly Det vete faglarna eleven, and if one can't think from the time it's eleven up to the stroke of clock, the person Det vete faglarna think very far, which means not very good at all.

Det såg så där idylliskt och lantligt ut, precis som vi ville ha det. lyssna på fåglarna en stund, det är det bästa jag vet på våren och sommaren.

Hur det skulle bli med den saken, när sikten försvann "Det vete faglarna" och med att hamnen förhöjde pirarna, vete fåglarna Det gamla värnet, som byggts i.

Kultur & nöje

Det vete fåglarna (i don't have a clue) -The birds might know. Glad i hatten (drunk ) -Happy in the hat. Extra special bonus! Idioms from the south Norrbotten part.

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