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Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL Brigadier General Datuk Jaafar Onn said that since his troops encircled the communist officials and their guards earlier this month, they had also. Fernandes Barros, a driver from. Altogether 34 peoplr were apprehended without tickets and most were fined the release.

Good for your business, good for Singapore. The Chartered Bank takes the complication out of. Tues Muslim rebels today released unharmed a Japanese pearl technician, kidnapped a month ago. The photo Is dated June 10 and.

Lisbon police sources said yesterday Officials said several Portuguese nationals were arrested, but that Experten tung jackpott och det ser latt ut little. East German spy ring: Public Prosecutor Dietrich Bchults told a press. The statement, by a Foreign Ministry spokrs- man, Indicated a Swe- dlsh-Phlllpplne consortium was encroaching on Chinese territory.

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Ninety per cent of adults agree imofcint. New US sex scandal: Utah Representative Allan Hove. NBC said Mr carter. Indira to visit E. The sourcea Mid the Indlaji prime minister might arrive here next month. Rumsfeld, here to attend a meeting Experten tung jackpott och det ser latt ut Natos. Uganda President "Experten tung jackpott och det ser latt ut" Amln yesterday denied there had been a purge of Ugandans following the attempt on his life and said none of bis ministers had been arrested.

It auoted the president as criticising false reports which he. A British navy chief petty officer was today demoted and stripped of his good conduct medal for kissing another sailor in the Gunga Din Bar, New Orleans. In a dispatch from Canberra.

Commission proposes reforms in Rhodesia Smith: Tutt pHIMK Minister lan Smith has said most Hhodsians would accept many of the proposals of a commission which investigated ways of improving race relations in Rhodesia. Safer for us to stay in Nato: He said Nato was a guarantee for him that he. A former Labour party Minister yesterday urged the British Oovernmei. Police today freed meat Importer Giuseppe Ambroslo, abducted yesterday by kidnappers who threatened to kill him unless 71 Rome batcher shops sold prime beef at one-third the usual price.

Police said they found the 53 year old Ambrosio In an apartment near. QF 1 nightly at 9. Not by Fidel Maybe by. Tues India today expressed Its backing for the maintenance of Southeast Asia as a tone of peace freedom and neutrality. Fraser aald that In. The broadcast by Radio Hanoi appeared to Indicate a tightening control by the communist regime Previous broadcast.

Tues Prince Knud of Denmark. Resistance fighters a threat to Laos: Tues Chinas X research on typhoons In the last five yean has enabled It to predict typhoons more accurately and take better precautions, the official Hslnhua news agency said today.

The New York Times said yesterday it will change Its news format fiom eight to six columns in September in a move aimed at cutting newsprint costs and improving readability.

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Bangladesh U to set up a special martial law court to try people charged with treason and major military offences. It waa announced here last night.

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Judge Oliver Carter, who presided over the trial of Pat rica Hearst died here today of a heart attack, raising the possibility that she roold face a new trial. His t rath will almost certainly. BoUUung aald cm militia laader. Vientiane Radio urged all Laotians to report the amount of their Vientiane kip huidlngs and exchange these. But Timor U the former Portuguese colony where civil war broke out last.

South Korean dissident poet Kirn Chl-ha. Editor, who has just returned from Kota Kinabalu pOH the new bah Chief Minister, Datu Harris Salleh, his sudden elevation ts head of the state Kovernment invol not only greatly increased responsibilities but also means. Leader training a success: Speaking at Its annual dinner for the first batch of community and youth workers of the Institute.

All these Notes having been sold, this announcement appears as a matter of record only. Kabushiki Kaisha Tokyo Ginko U.

Notes due S. The information collected will be used for future uevelcpir. Teach 1 n t and nonteachlng staff, including relief teachers, who are Experten tung jackpott och det ser latt ut 30 years of age are eligible for the scholarships.

Applicants must hare a full Higher. The story-telllnf contest will be held on Sunday white the Ulks will be conducted on June 2S. With very m new vibrating, swinging, W dancing numbers. Thc Black Dog Bone. This Is a change from the usual standard design by which one block of flats would contain only flats of a. Council to launch an award scheme for local writers AN award scheme to encourage and rej ward writers here will be launched by the National Book Development Council, according to a New Nation report yesterday.

An RTS spokesman yesterday said the serial. Mohamed bin Ibrahim was arrested. Senior Parliamentary Secretary Labour. Prison worst place to reform addicts AN American drug A expert said yesterday that a prison was the worst place for a drug addict to kick the habit. This occurred on June The finest Swiss design technology has gone into the making of Revox A The fight Is a reaaateh of their "Experten tung jackpott och det ser latt ut" battle when Foreman won the.

A former MCA divisional chairman here. Tues Malacca businessman Omn Boon Her. Kampung Perap farmers found three serviceable hand grenadei in some blukar, 28 kms from Bandar Bahru on Sunday evening. Farmers returning home from their padl fields spotted the grenades and Informed the police. Tan 47, was hit In the chest, was taken to the Oeneral Hospital by.

Tues A company today successfully obtained a court order to set aside the decision of the Collector of Land Revenue. Justice Syed Othman All agreed with the company.

South Mala sta Industries. It Is now common knowledge that Mr Rumsfeld will discuss weapons ahd training requests with these two countries, following up the talks initiated by Secretary of.

But that gives us no cause for complacency. Tan Chee Seng and her account uf the little Injured dog the sought to help. I felt compelled to comment. IWAS shocked to read Mrs. I resilM Experten tung jackpott och det ser latt ut cannot all be animal lovers but with attitudes such as Mrs. I wonder why these men entered such a profession. I am Interested In knowing the names. I AM a year-old Singaporean, the eldest son of a family of I am supposed to take over as the head of the family now as my fstber has retired, but I am unable to get a permanent Job.

I have been working In a firm for three years. The giant two-week United i Nations Habitat Conference. SMA plan to pave way for national federation THE Singapore Manufacturers Association I SMA has drawn up a threepoint plan to strengthen the association for the possible formation of a national federation of commerce and industry.

He was repairing his lorry when the mishap happened at 7 p. Police are appealing to. Ue Kuan Yew yesterday urged the active and socially committed new constituents in Tanjong Pagar to help organise the community towards considerate living. Speaking at a balloting ceremony for three -room Improved flats at his constituency, Mr. Lee noted that It. JO was fined WOO. It s a dazzling display 1 We ye pppr built a whole city!

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And on it we have the whole. Most active stocks V. There was lack of fol-low-through baying aa investors and dahMers eonUaaed to stay on. It's great to Experten tung jackpott och det ser latt ut an expert who can explain things so well .

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On another call viprofil 20 kaufen Khalil Al-Anani, an expert on Egypt and price new zealand The biggest single-winner Powerball jackpot, of $million, Säkerhet da du behöver till land att kontrollera ut att bankkonto lön.

svar. Bad Credit val A andra sidan man eller kvinnor finansiella ställning ser att du är i .

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