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If you are employed within the government sector, your employer pays occupational pension for you Hur ska jag valja to the pensions plan PA The pensions plan consists of different parts. One part is selectable and you can choose how you want your money to be managed and invested. Make your choice You make a choice by completing a form. The form is available to download as PDF documents which you can print out, complete and submit by post.

You can also order the form to your civil registration address. To make your personal choice you need to fill in a selection form.

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Enter your personal identity number below. With a traditional insuranceit is the insurer that determines how Hur ska jag valja money is placed and managed. The insurer places the money in e. You always have a guaranteed pension. The warranty differs between various insurers. It can involve e. If the insurer manages the money better than what they promised in the warranty, you can get bonuses, that is to say that you would receive a higher pension than the guaranteed pension.

With a unit-linked insuranceyou decide how your money should be placed by selecting one or more funds. Money placed in funds can both decrease and increase in value, and therefore, no pension is guaranteed.

This means that you might recieve less money than you have deposited into the funds, however should the market be doing well your money can increase in value. Repayment cover means that your family members Hur ska jag valja your pension in the case of your death. It is your wife, husband, partner firstly and your children secondly that will recieve the pension. You can also chooce your previous wife, husband, partner or children to any of these as beneficiaries of the pension.

You can change your mind and add the repayment cover later. The rules to add repayment cover later can vary between different insurers. If you are single and do not have children, you should not select repayment cover. Remember that you, via your employment, have a financial protection in the form of survivor's pension and service group life insurance for your survivors. When you start your employment we send you information regarding Hur ska jag valja selectable part.

You can make a choice how you want this part to be managed and if you want a repayment cover or not. If you at a later stage want to change your choice you can do this. Should you change your mind, you can change your previous selection of insurance provider and chooce again which insurance provider you want to manage your money.

You select a new insurance provider by completing and submitting the form. If you want to change the repayment cover you have to contact the insurance provider you have chosen, this can not be made via our web service. If you end your employment your employer stops "Hur ska jag valja" pension money to the selectable part. The money in your insurance will stay with the insurance provider you selected until you retire.

You might have chosen a different insurance provider. It is the insurance provider that you have chosen that you need to contact regarding any questions that you might have. Du har alltid en garanterad pension. Om du slutar arbeta statligt slutar din arbetsgivare betala in pengar till den valbara delen.

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About your pensions Life events The selectable part. Your government employment has been terminated. Download Hur ska jag valja order selection form To make your personal choice you need to fill in a selection form. Get it as a pdf file.

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By mail to your home address. Personal identity number Mandatory. These are the choices you should make 1.

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Select the type of savings You should choose between traditional insurance or unit-linked insurance. Select insurer You are to select which insurer you want to manage your money. You can see the fees and costs that the various insurers charge to manage your money. If you select an insurerthat offers unit-linked insurances, your money is firstly places in a so-called entry solution.

The insurer you have selected then contacts you so that you can choose between the funds which the insurer offers. Select if you want a repayment cover Repayment cover means that your family members receive your pension in the case of your death.

If you are born before Your employer pays 2,5 per cent based on your salary each month to this part. If you are born after Your employer pays 2,5 per cent based on your salary each month to this part on your salary up to 37 SEK a month.

Hur ska jag valja you have a salaray Hur ska jag valja exeeds 37 SEK a month your employer pays an additional 20 per cent on the exceeding part. Was this information helpful? I sängguiden hjälper vi dig att hitta en säng som passar dina behov. Välj en av tre modeller, resårbotten, sängstomme eller kontinentalsäng. Välj kort och ansök om höjd kredit. Sedan bestämmer du själv hur mycket du vill betala i slutet av varje månad.

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