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Bast i biennaltest


Not confirmed on how many teams will Bast i biennaltest this year but is expected to be alot bigger than last years event with 16 international teams competing. I know some people will wonder why this is being held over the Thai Songkran festival Thai New Yearunfortunately cannot be avoided due to the other Sixes tournaments running in conjuction allowing touring teams to play in 2 International Cricket Sixes tournaments on one trip!

Tuesday, September 20, 2019

The unofficial Phuket Cricket Union Blog is back, with the new Island Furniture Cricket League up and running we now have something not only to report but to natter about also.

I will over the weeks post the results of each match along with Bast i biennaltest reports. Keep an eye on the League table and watch Patong Cricket Club rule the roost my team. The moments that made the memories. As the dust settles on an epic Test series, Andrew Miller looks back at the moments that turned the Ashes into the greatest sporting contest of the 21st Century.

Batting performance of the series Kevin Pietersen's blistering denouement will linger long in the memory, but by that stage of the series, the dream was there to be grasped.

It "Bast i biennaltest" instead a similar feat of inspiration on the upward journey to set up England's shot of glory. Freddie Flintoff's devastating, last-ditch 73 at Edgbaston was the moment the series was transformed, as he and Simon Jones added 51 for the final wicket to revive an Ashes challenge that was sinking back to its knees.

His contributions were the single greatest reason why this series will echo through the ages. Without his 40 wickets not to mention his runsAustralia would have been rolled over after Edgbaston, quite possibly by the sort of margin that the Aussies themselves had envisaged.

Instead, they came within an ace of plucking both defeats out of the fire, and could even have squared the series if they'd held their catches at The Oval. How the side will fare in Warne's absence doesn't bear thinking about.

Shot of the series "Helloooo Flintoff's humongous heave into the TV gantries at Edgbaston, with the entire Australian team set back for the shot, could one day rival Ian Botham's swat off the Bast i biennaltest at Old Trafford in as the most replayed six in history. But for sheer pain relief, Matthew Hoggard's extraordinary cover-drive off Brett Lee, with eight Bast i biennaltest for "Bast i biennaltest" at Trent Bridge, was an improbable second-place.

Ball of the series Two. For sheer significance, Harmison's branding of the Australian captain on the first morning at Lord's. The message was clear - England would not be cowed, in spite of the mixed messages they transmitted for the remainder of the Test. But for sheer eye-popping magnificence, Warne's ripper to Strauss at Edgbaston brooks no argument. With five balls of the day remaining, the seam gripped the rough like a tank track and rumbled into the stumps, leaving England in no doubt as to the Bast i biennaltest that lay ahead.

Catch of the series This is case of style versus significance. The photographers' vote goes unequivocally to Andrew Strauss, whose horizontal extraction of Adam Gilchrist at Trent Bridge was not only a seminal moment, but a collector's item that Mark Waugh would have been proud to pull off. But, in a summer when Geraint Jones turned every edge into a heart-in-the-mouth moment, he chose the perfect moment at Edgbaston to get everything right, by completing the catch that changed a world order.

Drop of the series For the entire time that England's Ashes dream remained in the balance, there could only be one contender. Pietersen's agonising spill at cover, that allowed Michael Clarke to gallop to a matchwinning 91 at Lord's.

It was the sort of fractional error on which this series has balanced, and sure enough, Pietersen's crown was claimed at the very last by none other than Warne, who dropped his Hampshire team-mate when he made just 15 of his series-sealing runs. Turning point of the series A seismic double-whammy at Edgbaston. First Glenn McGrath, fresh from nine wickets at Lord's, steps on a cricket ball during pre-match practice and is stretchered off to hospital.

Then, Ricky Ponting wins the toss and neuters his one "Bast i biennaltest" champion, Warne, Bast i biennaltest choosing to bowl first. England rampage to on the first day and the momentum of the series has been seized.

Wicket of the series Kasprowicz at Edgbaston is the runaway winner, naturally, although Harmison's slower ball to Clarke the previous evening was perhaps even more invaluable. As the tail so amply demonstrated on that fourth morning, the pitch was good and England were fearful.

Half a session of brilliance from Clarke, and it could have been all over. Over of the series Edgbaston again, and that man Flintoff again. At 47 for 0 needingAustralia were flying and England needed a shot in the arm.

Enter Freddie, bundling in from around the wicket. His second delivery bludgeons through bat and pad, and onto Langer's off stump. His third, fourth and fifth deliveries curve into Ponting and torment his off stump. A tactical no-ball sets up a seventh stab of inspiration, and a wicked outswinger skims off the edge to cue pandemonium. Letdown of the series Jason Gillespie's demise was tragic - a likeable man, his tour had been over ever since Aftab Ahmed smacked him for six at Sophia Gardens, but the Australians were too bound up in their team ethic to spot how costly his demise was becoming.

CREA-ING at “18th Biennal Test...

But the biggest disappointment was Bast i biennaltest Katich. His classy guidance of the tail at Lord's should have been a springboard to greater feats, but instead he floundered against England's reverse swing, and ultimately imploded with an out-of-character tirade at Trent Bridge. Stat of the series For the first time since the Ashes - a series blighted by Packer defections - Australia failed to muster in any of their innings. This, beyond all else, was the difference between the sides.

As Adam Gilchrist graciously admitted, England's attack was the best he had ever encountered in his career.

Tuesday, February 07, 2019

The fortunes of Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden, two of the most aggressive batsmen in Test history, epitomised a side that had turned from hunters to hunted.

Best moment of the series At Edgbaston, Flintoff's consoling of Lee at the moment of victory was beautiful, a revival of the sort of chivalry that was supposed to be anathema to modern-day sport - just imagine Wayne Rooney producing a moment like that.

But what preceded it was all the more important. If Harmison had not conjured Bast i biennaltest last-ditch dismissal, if Jones had not taken the tumbling chance, England would have lost an unloseable game, Australia would be up with the Ashes in the bag, and a generation would be lost to the game forever.

Worst moment of the series Flintoff's apparent dislocated shoulder at Edgbaston. Not here, not now, not in this way. All the while that he struggled to regain his timing and nerve-endings, a sense of dread permeated every stakeholder in the game. England's wipeout at Lord's was none too clever either, and nor was the bungling Bast i biennaltest idiocy that turned England's moment of glory at The Oval into a confused melee of umpire meetings and tannoy announcements.

Blinkered Bast i biennaltest of the series Australia's insistence on turning to Stuart Clark who? A He was never going to play, and B Andrew Symonds or Shane Watson would have given a stricken side so many more options.


Fucken hell that was a tight match Great test match though Maybe Sturat Bast i biennaltest will come into the side for the next one The spin twins at it again Just like you n me Willy Oh be we were spining Bast i biennaltest else All the best boys The Ashes is a biennal test cricket contest played between England and Australia.

The series is named after the trophy, which is a small terracotta urn said to contain the burnt bails from a game played in at The Oval. An Ashes series typically consists of five Test matches, and the host of the series alternates between the two countries. The Ashes series is currently being played in England; the first Test started at Lord's on July 21 and was won by Australia. The Ashes is one of cricket's fiercest and most celebrated rivalries.

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I know this isnt cricket related but heres a few pics of Phuket this time of the year. Not so many tourists around and the beaches are uncrowded.

Phuket this time of the year is alot different and the surf has been pretty good around kata yai were most of the pics were taken in the last few weeks. Lads hope it doesnt rub it in too much! And i couldnt resist the reminder of the splendour of thai women for highmy in his lonely moments.

Bast i biennaltest Have the Power!!! England unexpectedly gave Australia a Twenty20 thrashing, racing to a run win at the Rose Bowl to start their Ashes summer in the best possible way. Jon Lewis and Darren Gough excelled with the ball after Paul Collingwood had produced the goods with the bat. England totalled with Collingwood 46Marcus Trescothick 41 and Kevin Pietersen 34 all contributing well. Australia then lost their first four wickets in only seven balls, ending all out for a paltry 79 in just It was the second-lowest Twenty20 total struck in England, ahead of the 67 Sussex made against Hampshire last year.

Michael Vaughan won the toss and chose to bat first as the two sides met for the first time ahead of the one-day series and the five Tests later in the summer.

England persisted with the tactic of using Geraint Jones as an opener, and for once it paid off as the Kent wicket-keeper thrashed four early boundaries. After he was caught at third man off Glenn McGrath, Australia had the bonus of removing Andrew Flintoff cheaply when Michael Kasprowicz had him caught at short mid-wicket.

England needed a partnership quickly, and it was provided by Pietersen and Trescothick who added 51 in 30 balls with some brilliant hitting. It brought the crowd to life, and Australia's fielding began to wilt, notably when Michael Clarke misfielded on the boundary to give Pietersen his first four. The introduction of the spinners brought about the demise of both batsmen however as they swatted catches to fielders in the deep, and inevitably the scoring rate began to dwindle.

But then Collingwood, initially in a run partnership with Andrew Strauss, produced a delightful blend of Bast i biennaltest and slogging.

Bast i biennaltest runs came off just 26 balls and included two sixes and five fours. McGrath returned to remove him with the last ball of the innings in figures ofbut it was little consolation. Brett Lee is left flat on his back after taking evasive action.

Australia's reply was in fine shape when they reached after two-and-a-half overs. But once Gough had Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden caught slogging off consecutive deliveries, the tourists fell apart. Lewis responded with two wickets of his own in the following over and suddenly four wickets had fallen in seven balls, with Pietersen, who was later named man-of-the-match, claiming three catches.

Everything was going right for the hosts - Flintoff and Trescothick each held catches in the floating slip position as Michael Hussey and Damien Martyn barely troubled the scorers.

But the real killer for the Aussies came between those wickets when Ricky Ponting drove a catch to short extra-cover as Lewis' amazing debut continued. When the dust had settled, the scoreboard read and it was only the sixth over. There was time for Jason Gillespie to produce the best Australian innings - his four boundaries producing 24 runs in all - before Collingwood, who could do no wrong, came on to remove both him and Brett Lee.

Don't get too excited Bast i biennaltest we all know the Aussies are capable of coming back. It Bast i biennaltest ended in the best possible way for the England Bast i biennaltest crammed into the Hampshire ground as Steve Harmison removed McGrath's middle stump with more than five overs remaining.

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