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Bolagsrapporter 2007 02 28 4


This page is available in English only. Fra og med During the two-week period preceding the announcement, we limit our communications with the capital market and will not meet with capital market representatives.

Inwe presented our strategy: We set clear ambitions for the future, and we have delivered above and beyond our ambitious targets. We are now a stronger, more resilient and more competitive company.

The safety of our people and integrity of our operations remains our top priority. Over the past decade we have steadily Bolagsrapporter 2007 02 28 4 our safety results, and inour serious incident frequency came in at 0. We will use this as inspiration and continue our efforts. We must always be prepared for volatility in our markets.

Our improvement work started when prices were still high, and we have used the downturn to reset the company, reducing the break-even price of our next generation portfolio to USD 21 per barrel.

Last year we said we would be cash flow positive at USD 50 per barrel inbut we were actually cash flow positive well below USD 50, and we tripled our adjusted earnings to USD Bolagsrapporter 2007 02 28 4 believe the winners in the energy transition will be Bolagsrapporter 2007 02 28 4 who can deliver at low cost and with low carbon emissions. We believe there are attractive business opportunities in the transition to a low-carbon economy, and we continue to build a material industrial position in new energy solutions.

In the autumn of we started production from Dudgeon, and the floating windfarm Hywind. Today, we operate three offshore wind projects in the UK, delivering competitive returns. We believe we are well prepared to deal with the current market situation and have the expertise, capacity and leadership capabilities necessary to create new business opportunities and long-term value for our shareholders.

The page contains full information on our.

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Our contacts are found below. Queries can be directed to the transfer agent: The page ' ' is not available in the site. Click 'Submit' to go to the site home page or close this dialog to continue in the "Bolagsrapporter 2007 02 28 4." The page ' ' is not available in language. Click 'Submit' to go to the home page or close this dialog to continue in. Our headquarters are in Stavanger, Norway, and we have over 20, employees.

We are listed on the New York and Oslo stock exchanges. MMBOE proved oil and gas reserves Investors The Equinor share. Analyst conferences and Capital Market Updates: Capital Market update Our stock market announcements. See all our news.

Q2/ Q3/ Ytd Ytd operating...

To see live webcasts and download presentations, please click "Read more" above. Financial reporting Our quarterly results. Our latest annual report is the edition, published on March 23,and now also available in XBRL format. All previous annual reports are available to download in PDF, dating back to We have seen significant positive impacts from the improvements, and have benefitted from an upturn in the oil and gas market.

And we have delivered on the sharpened strategy we launched in February Order printed annual reports Annual reports dating back to are available for download from our archive.

Equinor Insurance annual reports. Whom to contact in Investor Relations. In most cases, your account registrar will be able to help you with questions relating to your portfolio, dividends and participation at Annual General Meetings. Every quarter ahead of the earnings announcement, we collect earnings and production estimates from the equity analysts currently covering the company. Our debt and credit ratings. Our debt strategy is to support the overall financial flexibility of the Bolagsrapporter 2007 02 28 4 and ensure competitive terms and conditions on long term debt.

After our partial privatisation in "Bolagsrapporter 2007 02 28 4," we were listed on the Oslo and New York stock exchanges, ensuring broad international ownership. Equinor has one class of shares, with all shares carrying equal right to vote at general meetings. Geographic distribution of shareholders. In June Nobina Norway won East Oslo's tender for transport operator services. Earnings after tax. Net cash flow.

-9 nObInA InTERIM REpORT 1 JUnE–31 AUGUST . (BFNAR ). Monthly calendar for the month February in year Calendars 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The consolidated financial statements for the first quarter cover Ekornes 1 quarter operating revenues in the most important markets (NOK million): . 28,4. 92,9.

The consolidated financial statements for...

Likvider/Cash and bank deposits. ,5. ,7. ,6.

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