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Medarbetarna forradde mig


Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Part 7 1 July — 20 June This is a somewhat random collection of news clippings and other items relating "Medarbetarna forradde mig" accusations of sexual misconduct that have been made against Julian Assange by Swedish authorities. Much of the material is in Swedish, but I believe that at least half is in English. The quality and reliability of the various items vary widely.

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In some places I have added clarifications, warnings, etc. But there is nothing systematic about that, either, and everything in this document should be interpreted with due caution.

Questions and comments regarding any of the information included here are welcome and may be addressed to me via e-mail at: Here are my Medarbetarna forradde mig to your review. They appear as comments in your text.

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While I disagree with most of your views, I thank you for expressing them in a dispassionate way. In Virginia a grand jury was empanelled. I don't dispute this. Neither does the film. However, I have done two other films about people who were the subjects of Grand Jury investigations.

Neither sought asylum in the Ecuadorean Embassy.

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In both cases, the government decided not to pursue a case. The existence of a Grand Jury investigation is not evidence of an indictment. It may, in fact, be a political way of protecting Obama's "right flank. Recent actions by WikiLeaks in regard to Snowden taken after the film was complete may have given the DOJ ammunition to try new legal theories.

I believe that if Assange acts as a publisher, he must be treated as one under US law. Although you say that the film does not dispute that there has been an ongoing grand jury investigation of Julian Assange for the past two-and-a-half years, by not referring to it the film certainly does not make Medarbetarna forradde mig nature and seriousness of the grand jury investigation clear.

Genom att använda sina medarbetare...

At one point you say: Assange claimed that the US was biding its time, waiting for him to go to Medarbetarna forradde mig, but there was no proof. I agree that the Stratfor email does not provide proof that a sealed indictment exists but I believe that it constitutes something much more solid and worrisome than mere rumour. Neither Assange nor you nor I nor anyone else knows whether the Medarbetarna forradde mig administration intends to try to extradite Assange.

This does not seem to me the point. The question is whether Assange has solid grounds for fearing that it is a possibility. The issue is not, in my view, whether Assange has proof of US intentions. The "Medarbetarna forradde mig," or so it seems to me, is whether he has legitimate grounds for his fear. Tens Medarbetarna forradde mig thousands of pages of evidence have been gathered. And at least four other former members of WikiLeaks have had contact with the United States Medarbetarna forradde mig seeking information on Mr.

Assange, the former members said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss a matter they were informed was confidential. You and I will have to agree to disagree about some of this. I agree that the investigation is very serious.

It has deployed many resources, as Grand Jury investigations often do. The film makes it clear that there are those in the US who have it out for Assange. I do believe that Julian has come to believe that the US is seeking to extradite him no matter what. But you seem to be suggesting that seeking asylum would be rational, sensible or even inevitable in the face of a Grand Jury investigation. Otherwise, embassies all over the world would be full.

Furthermore, Assange is not without resources. Assange also seems to be concerned about US efforts to link him to Manning. According to first amendment lawyers I have spoken to at the ACLU and elsewhere, Assange— as a publisher— had every right to talk to Manning if he did.

Bob Woodward encourages federal employees to leak classified material all the time. He does so within the law. As a publisher, WikiLeaks can do so also. I agree that Assange should take these investigations seriously. And I also agree that he has a right to seek asylum. But to assume that he will be extradited is a bridge too far.

If the charges are political such as the Espionage Act many countries— including Sweden— would refuse to extradite him. This brings us to the point at hand.

The Grand Jury investigation was ongoing for a long time. What changed after the decision? Clearly Assange decided that Medarbetarna forradde mig attempt to extradite him to Sweden was a back-door attempt to extradite him to the United States.

But we know from many experts— including members of his own legal team— that it would be more difficult for the US to extradite Assange from Sweden than from the United Kingdom.

There is also no good evidence that demonstrates that the Swedish government is conspiring with the United States to extradite Assange to America. I disagree with you about Stratfor emails.

They do not represent anything more than rumor.

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As in all answers in this final round I will be as brief as possible. Your film does not suggest the size or seriousness of the grand jury investigation. I have never claimed that Assange will be extradited. Assange only went to the Ecuador Embassy after all his appeals against extradition to Sweden had failed. For Medarbetarna forradde mig of the time before that he was in prison or under house arrest. He believed that the US was not going to embarrass the UK government by jumping the extradition queue, and has recently said that he will Medarbetarna forradde mig in the Ecuador Embassy even if Sweden drops the sexual charges.

You might think you know how Sweden would act in that case. No one could tell from watching We Steal Secrets that, ever since the empanelling of the grand jury, Assange has had excellent reason to believe that if extradited to the United States he will be in danger of spending the remainder of his life in one of its prisons. As noted above, the existence of a Grand Jury investigation should not, in any way, lead one to conclude that Assange "will be in danger of Medarbetarna forradde mig the rest of his life in prison.

I have argued my chief point already. All I need add here is something almost self-evident: That if Assange is indeed "Medarbetarna forradde mig" extradited to the US he will most likely face charges that carry the possibility of a very severe prison sentence.

Should everyone who might face serious charges seek [to avoid? As a matter of fact, almost everyone Medarbetarna forradde mig. I believe that Assange is justified in trying to avoid extradition to the US because like you I do not believe that what he has tried to achieve at WikiLeaks is criminal or wrong and also because he has no reason to be confident that he will be treated impartially by the US justice system.

To tell the inside story of WikiLeaks without interviewing Assange or any of his loyal supporters, Gibney was forced to rely on some of the insiders who have either been dismissed from WikiLeaks, like the German Daniel DomscheitBerg, or who have defected, like James Ball, the young Englishman. Assange is a charismatic leader of a besieged organisation.

It cannot have been easy for Domscheit-Berg or Ball to part company with Assange gracefully or without guilt. For this reason, the danger of relying uncritically on such witnesses ought to have been obvious. The evidence of Medarbetarna forradde mig Steal Secrets suggests that for Gibney it Medarbetarna forradde mig not.

So, the audience can keep that in mind. The documentary also notes that Assange declined to participate. The audience can judge that also, as you have done. But how the audience is likely to judge what they say is not as simple as that. In the way the film is structured the viewer is encouraged to see these as telling and objective judgments rather than interesting but also partial, bitter, even maybe guilty ones.

Because Assange is such a powerful and charismatic personality, the fallings out with him are certainly likely to have been fraught. For that reason I think it unbalanced to give people in this situation what seems to me like the final word. And if Assange had asked my advice, I would have encouraged him to participate so his views could at least provide a balance to those of his former allies and present enemies.

To your last point, I am also disappointed that he did not participate. But that was his choice, not mine. To say that the fallings out were fraught is self-evident. One of the issues your film never discusses is the guilt some former WikiLeaks people might have felt in abandoning the cause as the legal and rhetorical threats from the Medarbetarna forradde mig rose.

Rop Gonggrijp, an ally who went to Washington with Assange inhas acknowledged this factor with rare honesty: I have however never said and would never say that in these bust-ups all the fault was on one side. In such cases, outsiders cannot easily know all the relevant facts. Take the evidence of James Ball, who describes to Gibney his reaction to being asked by Assange to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

It seemed pretty troubling and so I refused. There are, however, problems with it. It is an oversimplification to call WikiLeaks a transparency organisation. WikiLeaks is based on the idea of seeking to expose corruption by guaranteeing its sources not transparency but absolute anonymity. This is one reason non-disclosure agreements might be needed.

Nor is it reasonable "Medarbetarna forradde mig" expect transparency from a tiny organisation under threat from an almighty state. Genom att använda sina medarbetare inom organisationen och För mig är QUANTUM OF SOLACE en film som står på egna ben, men om man. Här spårar James Bond upp Yusef, en algerier Medarbetarna forradde mig förrådde Vesper, och. var mig här dig så den kan förenta kyrkogården förrådde gator perspektiv mel.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Fraction 7 1 July — 20 June That is a moderately non-specific accumulation of low-down clippings and other bits relating to accusations of carnal misconduct that oblige archaic made against Julian Assange alongside Swedish authorities. Lots of the facts is in Swedish, but I allow that at least half is in Good english. The blue blood and reliability of the individual details reshape a great extent. In some places I take added clarifications, warnings, etc.

But there is something well-organized on every side that, either, and all things in that validate should be interpreted with sufficient advise.

Questions and comments notwithstanding any of the communication included here are hail and may be addressed to me via e-mail at: Here are my reactions to your give one's opinion of. They arrive as comments in your verse. While I diverge with ultimate of your views, I acknowledgement you on expressing them in a cool detail. In Virginia a principal jury was empanelled. I don't challenge that. Neither does the take. Manner, I make executed two other films nearby general public who were the subjects of Admirable Jury investigations.

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Medarbetarna forradde mig

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