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138.9m FM

16 aringen fick sex ars fangelse


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The 16 aringen fick sex ars fangelse are full of great music and jingles etc. Mr Perlee likes DXers to be involved with the programmes as much as possible and does a requests and dedications spot as well as reading out DXers letters arid giving Free Radio news.

Mr Perlee also recently told me that for one SW broadcast, he received letters! Those were the days! He could be heard Infrequently though on metres with QSO contacts only. Results to date have been excellent with reports coming in from all over Europe and the CIS too. In a very neatly laid out studio, you will find twin turntables, an audio mixer, amplifier and equaliser, two CD players, a jingles machine and tape decks!

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This is situated some distance away and is fed by an FM link. The AM transmitter is capable of around watts and usually puts out The modulator gives watts of power.

The antenna is a unique combination of helical and long wire. Ills approximately 25 metres high and the total length is around metres. Operator, Ipe is 27 years old and married and his English is very good. Plans for the future are to make more programmes onmostly in the winter months, every fortnight. Plans are also in hand for a return to SW in the autumn. As QSL manager of the station, I promise a quick reply. Your comments and reports are most welcome.

We have a selection of QSL sheets available to verify your reports. Stefan Printz, Kamnarsvagen 13D: The Report Chris Lobdell, P. Friday January 15th, Editorial speaking Hello there again and heartly welcome to another cram-fuU edition 16 aringen fick sex ars fangelse Pirate Connection.

Thanks to you all! Highly recommended if you understand the Finnish language! Contact Anssi at the address above for further info. Read and enjoy it! Chris takes you into the highly interesting world of US pirates. So lean back in your armchair and enjoy yet another super issue of PC! Front page Radio Scotland Int. Action One and justice Page 5. Cuts of Action One Page 9. Exclusive interview with Action One Page Euro Pirate Scene Page The Report Page One Eight Six Page Eastern Lookout Page Current Pirate List 32 Page The Radio Scotland story Page Free Radio Technique Page Dutch Pirate Visit Page Spotlight - Radio Perlee 2.

SWE Postal giro account: Five or six young men were in the studio and all of them were arrested and brought from Kavlinge to the police station in Lund. Then the Telecom tried to 16 aringen fick sex ars fangelse the station more exactly. A while later, the atmosphere became more heated but the unwanted visitors behaved decently, some people on the station told.

New premises The pirates moved into new premises in central Kavlinge two weeks before the raid. The premises were an abandoned workshop. The transmissions began at mid-day and lasted until next morning. The last weeks they got more and more listeners, from all over the south-west part of Skane, and the telephones were ringing constantly. One of the calls came from a police man! Action One said they had driven the local radio stations in the neighbourhood out of business.

Taken into custody Five of the arrested people were set on free foot after some interrogations but Marek was taken into custody at the police station in Lund. The police also thought that the equipment was stolen.

The minimum penalty for illegal transmissions is a fine, but in a serious case the penalty can be up to one year in prison.

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Music programmes The programmes mostly consisted of music, chats and brief messages about events in Kavlinge. The station sounded like many local music radio stations for youth people. No organization was behind the station, nor was there a licence to broadcast. Marek told his fellows that he had applied for a licence at the Telecom and that they were allowed to make test transmission with low power while waiting for a licence.

Action 16 aringen fick sex ars fangelse was heard best around Kavlinge and parts of south-we. Also other stuff like computer, printer, typewriter and xerox machine were found. This equipment was dumped by Marek according to the investigation, after he had called the studio and realised that 16 aringen fick sex ars fangelse station had been raided.

He was also using a vehicle without lawful authority. However, Marek denies the digging. The police managed to identify most of the equipment. 16 aringen fick sex ars fangelse of it except for one unit were found at the raid. However, most of it was in bad shape as it had been buried into the ground. Both got probational sentences. They told the court 3 that they were going to steal car stereo sets to a fence receiver of stolen goods in Malmo.

In spite of this, Marek made jobs for several companies in the name of Radio P4, according to Ingrid. The Telecom praised the good sound quality of the station!

The plaint contained 1 offence against the Radio Transmission Act, 2 receiving stolen goods and 3 un- ' lawful driving of a vehicle. The value of this I equipment was estimated to SEK. Then he darednot go to the police as he thought he might be sus- i pected of having commited those burglaries. Marek I said that he had bought most of the equipment through different adverts in papers and magazines. There were also burglaries on many other radio stations.

At the razzia in Kavlinge, the equipment that was found could j be connected to all 12 burglaries. The date of trial was I set to 13th of Aaugustat 10 am. The trial j Marek denied all the charges, except for the offence i against the Radio Transmission Act, the unlawful driv- i ing plus a couple of the receiving-stolen-goods offences.

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However, many people thought that he overestimated it, not taking the decrease in value into consideration. The transmitters were just a small part of all the equipment. Prosecutor Karin said that the equipment was worth SEK. The defence opposed against most of the confiscations and meant that these were not defensible according to the Radio Transmission Act. One confiscation was cancelled - a jemmy. Prosecutor Karin poked fun at this and said that this jemmy was probably the only thing that Marek owned legally.

At one of these places, a burglary was made, but Manek told that he had got nothing to do with the thefts. Marek knew he would get caught and said his illegal transmissions were a protest against the radio monopoly.

The prosecutor demanded at least 6 months in prison and Marek should be sent to prison as soon as possible. Surprisingly severe verdict Two weeks later, the verdict was announced. Marek was sentenced to 18 months! Also previous crimes commited by Marek was included in the verdict. Everyone of you who has read the articles about Marek and Action One, has surely already an opinion about Marek and whether he is guilty or not.

World Brief. European Migration Policy....

This article is based on information from newspapers and Pirate Connection 1 plus impressions conveyed by Stefan Printz and Morgan Holmquist. My deepest thanks to them. Den arige radiopiraten omhaktades i gdr vid Lunds tingsratt.

Dessutom ar inte all den ut- rustning som tagits i beslag. Man har gjort hus- rannsakan tre ginger, och bor- ' de di rimligen ha fStt med sig allt stbldgods. Daremot ligger ringens tidigare. Han har dbmls fbr fyra inbrott och ett inbroits- forsok. World Brief. European Migration Policy. Theme: Nationalism. medan många andra nazikollaboratörer bara dömdes till omkring fem år i fängelse. . Och för fem månader sedan fick han uppehållstillstånd, efter att ha levt som. Idag, sex år efter hans avfärd, jobbar Ali som föreläsare för Ensamkommandes.

As we just 16 aringen fick sex ars fangelse, some major news stories have recently dropped about what a horrible horrifying menace the Russian Federation is to. Mannen döms nu till fem års fängelse. åringen åtalades vid Södertörns tingsrätt för synnerligen grov misshandel. Tjuven fick mycket allvarliga skallskador - skador som "förväntas få ett betydande. "Skett i syfte att exploatera målsägandena" - sex personer döms för människohandel i tiggerimål .

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