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Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008


A revision generally augments a preliminary growth rate. The revision distributions are skew, often with fat tails of outliers. For some Swedish variables, including GDP, revisions are correlated with the business cycle. This is also true of most European GDP revisions. Growth rates are revised upwards in upturns and downwards in downturns, and this also results in a tendency toward bimodality in the frequency distributions.

We identify where in the accounts the greatest benefits from increased reliability may be achieved. In the international comparison Canada has the smallest revisions. The study analyzes revisions of the Swedish Gross Domestic Product GDP during the periodand its major components according to the expenditure approach.

The Swedish data are compared to GDP revisions in 11 countries that have agreed to take part in the investigation. Revisions of Swedish Annual Accounts 3. Conclusions so far Tables 3. Comments from national statistical offices Diagrams and tables 6. Conclusions and Suggestions 6. Time series of preliminary and final figures Appendix B: This is because they are designed to offer an internally consistent picture of the entire economy.

Their weak point is inaccuracy. It is no trivial task to classify the data collected from society into the precise framework of the accounts, and often the figures are approximations. A Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 cause of unreliability stems from the constant need to revise already published figures. National Accounts started in many countries half a century ago, and their Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 has been the main topic of critical voices ever since.

Forecasters, analysts and planners, whether using econometric or judgemental methods, but whose activity is forward-looking, need early figures.

Old figures, although they may be more accurate, may have lost their relevance when a decision has to be made. However, if the final figure gives an essentially different picture of the economy, the decision may be seriously sub-optimal. Unreliability of base data may be incorporated in the decision, Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 then, too, it would Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 an extra cost, leading to a welfare loss, as compared to the ideal situation of exact early data.

Quoting Colep. On the other hand, not revising figures that are known to be wrong is even more deceptive and requires even larger margins in decisions, thus carrying an even higher social cost. For Sweden the root mean squared error of one-year-ahead GDP forecasts for the period is 1. A forecaster can hardly be expected to be Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 to forecast revisions, which means that the revision figure forms a lower limit for how accurate a forecast can be made. Since all errors are never detected it is hardly an exaggeration to say that Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 of the forecast error is due to inaccurate data.

Inaccurate and inconsistent data is an equally serious problem for analysts, and especially for econometricians. Our study only focuses on the disadvantage of working with data of different vintages, the disadvantage being expressed by revisions. Small revisions desirable but not an aim per se In order to achieve timeliness and punctuality early statistical figures are published as preliminary information that is eventually revised when more information becomes available.

The statistical characteristics of these revisions are measures, albeit poor, of the reliability of preliminary figures. This is the aspect of quality that we are investigating in this study on revisions, measured as the difference between final and preliminary growth rates. It is important not to mix the concept of general statistical quality and small revisions. One can never be sure that a revised figure really is more relevant and accurate than the preliminary one.

In fact, there Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 plenty of evidence of revisions that introduce more error than present in the preliminary figure. Furthermore, Young warns for equating size of revisions and quality: Furthermore, revisions are to some extent an ethical matter. Large revisions can be a sign of diligent statisticians who do their utmost to find errors in the data and who are brave enough to admit that an early figure was wrong, and vice versa for the case of small revisions.

A study of revisions can provide measures of the nuisance a consumer of National Accounts experiences when the Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008, trusted to be correct, changes.

The consumer is then at least informed of the revision to be expected. Another aim of the present study is to expose the shortcomings of the statistical production process and, if possible, to point out at least the most urgent needs of improvement, which ultimately would increase the reliability of the statistics. In this case quality measures like standard errors can easily be calculated. However, a much larger source of error is of another type.

In Barklem the following sources are given 1: All of these afflict final figures. For none of them can we easily produce some numerical measure of reliability. For different reasons not all statistics are revised.

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The Consumption Price Index CPI is used as a base for commercial contracts and revisions would cause serious damage in the market where many contracts would have to be renegotiated. According to a government decision CPI cannot be revised. Business tendency surveys provide snapshot pictures of the economy using ordinal data that are never revised.

Also, there are variables that do not need any revision because the first figure published is accurate. Stock market data is an example. Deals on the stock market Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 registered as they occur and both price and quantity are correct.


Furthermore, such data are generally delivered on-line. The high quality of some financial data Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 made them popular in econometric research. Producers of National Accounts must accept the challenge and look for ways to increase the timeliness and reliability of statistics on the real economy. A revision is defined as the difference between a final and a preliminary growth figure.

This is the time when the first revised annual accounts are published. Leaving the final figure openended would further obstruct the meaning and comparability of 2 Swedish preliminary quarterly data have been published days after the quarter has expired, during the period studied here.

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The publication delay varies between quarters and has become shorter in the s. All variables are related in pct. But it would be important to know something about these later revisions. According to Tengblad they are not ignorable, see Table 1. TengbladTable 5. The international data, Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 in Chapter 5 were supposed to follow this publication scheme as closely as possible, but some deviations had to be accepted, because publishing schemes differ between countries.

In the Swedish study, we are mimicking the situation when a user of National Accounts receives a preliminary figure. Here, revisions of constant price data are directly copied from published annual growth rates of non-seasonally and working day adjusted data.

In the case of current price data growth rates are calculated from data in levels, as known at the time, and deflator revisions are then obtained implicitly. The detailed revision scheme of quarterly data can best be shown in a table: The next three rows present the dates when these preliminary Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 are revised. The preliminary figure for the first quarter is revised three times, that of the second quarter twice, the third quarter figure once and the preliminary figure for the fourth quarter is never revised in the quarterly accounts.

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It will normally be revised only when annual accounts are published, as are again all the other quarterly figures, but then, as a rule, the intra-year pattern will not be changed. Revisions 1 3 have not been studied here.

A fast and convenient way of conveying to the reader an impression of how revisions behave is to present them as histograms, i. If historical revisions have any relationship "Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008" future ones, a histogram can help a user of statistics Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 assess the reliability of a preliminary figure.

A histogram, in a concentrated form, says much about location, spread, non-normality and outliers. For a deeper understanding this visual overview is here supplemented by a number of statistical characteristics. They have been collected into tables that have been made almost identical for each set of data studied so as to simplify comparisons.

Like in other studies in this field we are interested in knowing if there is a systematic tendency for final figures to increase or decrease as compared to preliminary values. This is called bias. There are two statistical measures for bias here: Both are necessary because the histograms show that the distributions may be skew, in which case the mean is not a good measure of bias.

A practical measure that takes into account both bias and spread is the mean of the absolute value of revisions m absi.

Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 standard deviation S 5 measures only dispersion not biasas does the distribution-free range Rwhich is the largest Max minus the smallest Min value. This has been done so as to help the reader to form an overall opinion of the reliability of preliminary figures of different variables.

The next four characteristics in the first table of every set of variables studied are: The characteristics i iii are important for those who monitor the business cycle. Positive correlation with the business cycle growth rate tells the user that a bias in a preliminary estimate may be larger than average in a period of strong growth, and smaller, or even negative in a sharp decline.

The impact on GDP iv indicates to the producer of the statistics where improved measurement of preliminary data would help the most to reduce revisions of GDP. A preliminary figure of a variable can be considered as an estimate, or more generally, since we will never know the true figure of GDP, all published figures of GDP are estimates, be they produced ex ante or ex post 8. Over the years a standardized technique has been developed for assessing the accuracy of forecasts; see e.

In our study these standards have been followed only to a limited extent. We use the mean absolute value of revisions, instead of root mean square forecast error, common in forecast studies. We do not test for rationality, efficiency, etc. The distributions presented in the following chapters do not look like symmetric normal distributions, and this further complicates testing.

Forecasting Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 assume that the eventual outcome is an exact figure that the forecast is trying to hit.

But in National Accounts there is no true outcome and any measure of accuracy based on the closeness of a preliminary figure to an outcome would only measure the distance between two estimates.

In fact this applies not only to preliminary figures, but to GDP forecasts alike. Det finns flera studier som förespråkar användning av diverse kom-ihåg-/checklis - tor för att Utvärdering av effektivitet och kvalitet med strukturerade brottsanmälningar Bennell & Jones, ; Bernasco, ;Goodwill & Alison, ;Markson, this finding suggests that crime scene behaviors that are largely under the.

i Fler brottsanmalningar under 2008 för att diskutera polisforskning och polisprofession, under den tredje nordiska . Mot bakgrund av de utredningar (exempelvis SOU ) som genomförts om .

Polisens brottsanmälningar: om polisernas skrivsituation, om medelålder på 33 år och betydligt fler i åldersspannet år.

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