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Hole in one av 91 aring


The possibility to control charge migration in molecules using femtosecond laser pulses is studied, which may have applications in the laser control of fundamental chemical processes. A method is introduced to realize dispersion-free transport of a localized wave packet on a lattice by devising a Hamiltonian so that the wave packet perfectly splits and interferes with itself, providing a new avenue in the field of perfect state transfer.

A possible setup for a quantum-repeater network using satellite links is demonstrated, and it is shown that this approach allows entanglement creation at viable rates over global distances that are inaccessible via direct transmission through optical fibers. In situ fluorescence detection of atoms in a dipole trap using a blue-detuned probe beam in addition to the standard cooling laser beams is demonstrated, and it is shown that atom numbers up to about can be detected with sub-Poissonian precision.

Intensity- and phase-noise correlations in a dual-frequency VECSEL are studied theoretically and experimentally, and it is shown how the results can be interpreted in terms of the linear response of two coupled overdamped oscillators. A proposal is presented for the optomechanical levitation of objects with enhanced isolation from the environment, which is of practical interest for a variety of applications ranging from frequency-tuned high-resolution force sensing to quantum optomechanics experiments.

Volume 91, Issue 5 May Golubev and Alexander I. A 91R — Published 20 Hole in one av 91 aring A 91— Published 22 May Editors' Suggestion Entanglement over global distances via quantum repeaters with satellite links K.

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A 91— Published 26 May Editors' Suggestion In-trap fluorescence detection of atoms in a microscopic dipole trap A. A 91— Published 18 May Editors' Suggestion Intensity- and phase-noise correlations in a dual-frequency vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting laser operating at telecom wavelength Syamsundar De, Ghaya Baili, Sophie Bouchoule, Mehdi Alouini, and Fabien Bretenaker Phys.

Rapid Communication Quantum nature of Gaussian discord: Editors' Suggestion Rapid Communication Control of charge migration in molecules by ultrashort laser pulses Nikolay V. Lee, and Sarang Gopalakrishnan Phys. Rapid Communication Generalized Gibbs ensembles for quantum field theories F. Rapid Communication Quantum sound-cone fluctuations in cold Fermi gases: Rapid Communication Image beam from a wire laser E.

Rapid Communication Entanglement dynamics and Mollow nonuplets between two coupled quantum dots in a nanowire photonic-crystal system Gerasimos Angelatos and Stephen Hughes Phys. Mikhailov, and Yanhong Xiao Phys.

Rapid Communication Attonewton force detection using microspheres in a dual-beam optical trap in high vacuum Gambhir Ranjit, David P. Stutz, Mark Cunningham, and Andrew A. Transport of quantum excitations via local and nonlocal fluctuations M. A 91— Published 4 May Show Abstract. Enhancement of coherence in qubits due to interaction with the environment V. A 91— Published 6 May Show Abstract. Dissipative Landau-Zener quantum dynamics with transversal and longitudinal noise S.

A 91— Published 8 May Show Abstract. A 91— Published 11 May Show Abstract. Statistical properties of states in QED with unstable vacuum S. Pseudomodes and the corresponding transformation of the temperature-dependent bath correlation function David W. A 91— Published 14 May Show Abstract.

A 91— Published 18 May Show Abstract. Bell inequalities from group actions: Three parties and non-Abelian groups V. A 91— Published 19 May Show Abstract.

A 91— Published 20 May Show Abstract. Proposal for a motional-state Bell inequality test with ultracold atoms R. Maximally coherent mixed states: A 91— Published 22 May Show Abstract.

Geometric phase for a driven quantum field subject to decoherence Shi-Biao Zheng Phys. A 91— Published 26 May Show Hole in one av 91 aring. Equivalent emergence of time dependence in classical and quantum mechanics John S. A 91— Published 27 May Show Abstract. Pair creation induced by transitions between electronic and positronic bound states Y.

A 91— Published 28 May Show Abstract. Information and entanglement measures applied to the analysis of complexity in doubly excited states of helium J. Restrepo Cuartas and J. A 91— Published 1 May Show Abstract.

A 91— Published 7 May Show Abstract. Faster quantum searching with almost any diffusion operator Avatar Tulsi Phys.

Quantum code for quantum error characterization S. Srikanth, and Subhashish Banerjee Phys. A 91— Published 12 May Show Abstract. Multiplexing scheme for simplified entanglement-based large-alphabet quantum key distribution Adetunmise C.

A 91— Published 15 May Show Abstract. Hole in one av 91 aring control of "Hole in one av 91 aring" and high-fidelity quantum gates with electron and nuclear spins of a nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond Yi Chou, Shang-Yu Huang, and Hsi-Sheng Goan Phys.

Quantum state transfer along a ring with time-reversal asymmetry Yang Liu and D. Entanglement control in quantum networks by quantum-coherent time-delayed feedback Sven M. Quantum search algorithm tailored to clause-satisfaction problems Avatar Tulsi Phys. Geometry, robustness, and emerging unitarity in dissipation-projected dynamics Paolo Zanardi and Lorenzo Campos Venuti Phys. Optimal Trotterization in universal quantum simulators under faulty control George C. Knee and William J.

Quantum computation with noisy operations Ying Li Phys. A 91— Published 29 May Show Abstract.

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Dorfman, and Shaul Mukamel Phys. Casimir-Polder force for a polarizable molecule near a dielectric substrate out of thermal equilibrium Wenting Zhou and Hongwei Yu Phys. Strategies for reducing the light shift in atomic clocks Hidetoshi Katori, V. Triple excitations in perturbed relativistic coupled-cluster theory and electric dipole polarizability of group-IIB elements S. Strong competition between velocity-changing and phase- or state-changing collisions in H 2 spectra perturbed by Ar P.

Casimir-Polder Hole in one av 91 aring with thermally excited surfaces A. Electron-impact excitation of silver S. Coherent and stochastic contributions of compound resonances in atomic processes: Electron recombination, photoionization, and scattering V.

Dissociation dynamics in the dissociative electron attachment to carbon dioxide Pamir Nag and Dhananjay Nandi Phys. Coherent chemistry with THz pulses: Ultrafast field-driven isomerization of LiNC L. Modified and controllable dispersion interaction in a one-dimensional waveguide geometry Harald R. Haakh and Stefan Scheel Phys. Influence of a surface in the nonretarded interaction between two atoms Reinaldo de Melo e Souza, W.

Kinetic theory of positron-impact ionization in gases G. Multiple ionization of neon atoms in collisions with bare and dressed ions: Dynamics of a two-state system through a real level crossing Benedetto D. Militello and Nikolay V. Real-time tracking of two-electron dynamics in the ionization continuum of Xe M. A Hole in one av 91 aring— Published 5 May Show Abstract. Pulse-shape effects in ionization of atomic hydrogen by short-pulse XUV intense laser radiation: Shortcut to adiabatic passage in a waveguide coupler with a complex-hyperbolic-secant scheme Koushik Paul and Amarendra K.

Attosecond structures from the molecular cavity in fullerene photoemission time delay Maia Magrakvelidze, Dylan M. Dipole and nondipole photoionization of molecular hydrogen B. Fast expansions and compressions of trapped-ion chains M. Green-function approach to the theory of tunneling ionization I.

Linear and circular dichroism in photoelectron angular distributions caused by electron correlation Yoshi-Ichi Suzuki and Toshinori Suzuki Phys. Generalized eikonal approximation for strong-field ionization F. Alignment-to-orientation conversion in a magnetic field at nonlinear excitation of the D 2 line of rubidium: Experiment and theory M.

ABSTRACT Protoporphyrin IX substituted myoglobin reveals excellent hole burning properties. We investigated persistent spectral holes under isotropic pressure conditions in a range from 0 to MPa. .

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(Av)/Ap is measured as a function of burn frequency . Received for publication 15 July and in final form Phase space density holes are shown to grow in a plasma for any non zero electron-ion drift. holes since, for the same 0., they have a Av, and hence a -y. (91). (90) becomes. _. (x) + 8rnqj 0 dE. ~(E). 9Z2.

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fO(x). V/2mi(E - qio(z)). 31, will go straighter and more easily through the hole G, (iig. ) well soldered to them, and of which the pin, ending with a ring at one end, may by a single screw, might be apt to loosen and jog, a piece or slip of iron, a v, 90, 91, 92,

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