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Nybliven mammas depression ar annorlunda


Yes, it's vacant, and has been for some time. Popes cannot be heretics. Benedict was truly no better as he too held to the same post-Vatican II errors that Francis does. But have no fear; the vacancy of the seat does not mean God's promises have failed. It means they remain, for if a heretic were to be a true Pope, then Catholicism would be rendered false.

Popes can be both material and formal heretics, but they cannot solemnly teach heresy.

Around the edge of the...

Ok modernists, bring it on. As for me and mine, we resist Francis' heretical errors, and hold fast to the Faith of the Scriptures and our Sacred Tradition. Praying God will bring this horrible Pontificate to a "merciful" end, and sooner rather than later. Now into the seventh decade of the Novus Ordo Counterfeit Catholic Church, we are watching it implode under its own moral turpitude.

This new Nybliven mammas depression ar annorlunda under its sixth caretaker claiming the Chair of Peter is awash in moral depravity from the clergy up through its ranks to the very one who claims to be the pope.

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One wonders how long God will allow this depraved and debased circus of sin to keep leading it's flock to hell. No, it's not vacant, any more than it was when Honorius embraced a degenerate Christology. But it is a terrible fix the Church is in now. I agree with Oakes, above. Not vacant, but not who most people think it is.

The body of evidence is obvious, growing, overwhelming by every measure. This is what happens when we cross that first line and accept the "Emeritus Pope".

Wouldn't you call this teaching heresy 'from the Chair'?? That's exactly what I would call it And so, that could happen. The Vatican II popes were all heretics, imposing heresies already condemned by the Church during the Protestant revolution. Peel the scales from your eyes and see the truth.

All that needs to be done is to go to a Lutheran or anglican service and then a Traditional Latin Mass of Saint Pius V and tell me that there's no difference. Have a read of this: Please be respectful and courteous to others on this blog. From the Catholic News Service official news outlet of the USCCBwe read that the " pope revises catechism to say that death penalty is inadmissible ".

With that the pope has squarely plopped himself into full-blown heresy. It cannot be denied. No pope can change Church teaching. The Church's teachings are immutable for they emanate from God, who is Himself immutable. Throughout the centuries the Church has always upheld the legitimacy and usefulness of capital punishment. No one pope can turn around and contradict all his predecessors, Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church etc without pronouncing heresy.

This Nybliven mammas depression ar annorlunda needs to be put in some context. In a saner time, "Nybliven mammas depression ar annorlunda" would be eligible for the death penalty, but I digress. Might the push to demonize capital punishment be a "trial balloon", so to speak, to get faithful Catholics to swallow the false notion that immutable Church teaching can be "tweaked" here and there?

Fr John Hunwicke

Some faithful Catholics might buy the canard that capital punishment might well be declared wrong in opposition to centuries of Tradition. Formal heresy has been uttered. Is Peter's seat vacant? Posted by Restore-DC-Catholicism at 9: Oakes Spalding August 3, at Andrew Nelson August 4, at Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz August 3, at 3: Ana Milan August 3, at 8: Not That Guy August 3, at 8: MaryP August 3, at 8: Unknown August 3, at 8: Athelstane August 3, at 9: Aqua August 3, at TLM August 3, at 2: Unknown August 3, at B Ersolymi August 4, at 1: Vox Consolatoris August 5, at 1: Philip Kane August 24, at 1: Nybliven mammas depression ar annorlunda Post Older Post Home.

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