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Pyton varmer magen gradient then allows your snake to move about and find the area that best suits them. This generally means heating one end of the cage, while leaving Pyton varmer magen other unheated. These are in essence a paper-thin heating element, sandwiched between twp pieces of clear plastic. Costing just pennies a day to run, Pyton varmer magen are some of the cheapest reptile heaters to buy and to use.

Firstly, the heat that they provide is quite gentle. It tends not to travel well through thick cage walls, while the heat itself soon escapes from well-ventilated cages. Placing it on the floor of the cage, at one end, and then gently covering it with a thin layer of substrate tends to work well. The heat mat should be of a suitable size that it allows your ball python to completely curl up on it, while leave the rest of the cage slightly cooler.

A heat mat may be used to take the edge of night-time heat under such conditions, but it may be necessary to supplement your heat mat with a more Pyton varmer magen source of warmth to keep your pet in the best of health. They are intended to be sunk into flower beds, where they gently warm the soil and improve germination rates in cooler weather. The cable can be gently wound in and out of each cage in turn, allowing you to heat a whole batch of tanks — even a collection of wooden vivariums — using a single heater.

This saves on costs, as well as keeping your use of plugs to a minimum and ongoing battle when keeping multiple reptiles. Where I keep ball pythons in home-made racks, using large Really Useful Boxes RUBs as cages, these cables can really come into their own. Heat bulbs or heat lamps are typically fixed in the roof of the cage, and can get much warmer than either a heat mat or a heat cable.

Investing in a suitable bulb and a holder will be necessary. This can be helpful for ball pythons, as they are mainly nocturnal. Lastly, ceramic heaters are arguably the most powerful of all. They can, of course, also be used in wooden ball python vivariums. A heat lamp does everything that a ceramic does, but often for a lower price.

For those people in really cold countries, however, a cermic heater can be a suitable solution to your ball python heating requirements. What works for one person may not work for another. Heat mats can be useful for providing a gentle background heat in cooler months, and provides a comfortable warm substrate for your ball python. Here in the UK, however, even when using Pyton varmer magen vivariums I find that the heat produced by a heat mat may not be enough in the colder months.

It can therefore be a good idea to supplement this heat using a heat lamp. These are cheap to buy and easy to install. Thermostats are devices that control the temperature of your heater.

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This ensures that the heater is turned up nice and warm during cold weather, but that the heat is never allowed to get too much. While some people use heat mats without thermostats, thanks to the low level of heat produced, most experienced keepers still recommend thermostats even for these devices. It most certainly will be required if you opt to use a more powerful heater like a bulb or ceramic. Note that each heater requires a different thermostat; your heat mat will require a matstat, while bulbs and ceramics use other thermostats.

Each heater must be fitted correctly if it is to function as designed. In many cases it will be necessary take a wooden vivarium apart to fit heaters, as cables will need Pyton varmer magen be threaded through holes etc.

Heat mats are thew easiest to install. Simply place a suitably-sized heat mat at one end of the cage, on the floor. Cover with a small amount of substrate and fit the thermostat heat probe in place. The two wires — one from Pyton varmer magen heater and the thermostat probe — can then be fed out of the cage before it it put back together again. Heat lamps and ceramics can take rather more effort. These will generally need to be Pyton varmer magen firmly into the roof of the vivarium.

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Once again, feed the thermostat probe and the electrical cabling out and pop the cage back together. This is especially so when your python has been popped into his or her cage. It is generally best, however frustrating it might be, to set the cage up a few days before actually bringing your snake home.

A range of reptile-thermometers are currently available. Second to these, and rather more accurate in Pyton varmer magen opinion, are digital thermometers. Personally I find that the dial thermometers are generally the Pyton varmer magen practical option. Buy two, and place one at either end of the cage. There are no batteries to worry about, and no wires and probes.

Instead you can glance in at any time, and check the ambient temperature at each end of the cage. Radiator, handig bij de jongens op de kamer More Radiator Screen, Radiator Heater.

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