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I dag gjorde min lokalradio ett bra reportage och jag mailade reportern och tackade. Hans handhavande med papper och penna och sitt tecknande i perspektiv. Kakor skulle plockas fram. Natten jobb skedde i regn kompletterat med skyfall. Nedan ser ni vad bluffakuten skriver om testerna: Objective and responsible authority 1. The terms used here, e. If the Privacy Policy contains consent clauses, these are to be highlighted 1. In addition to this Privacy Policy our Terms of Service apply: We use Cookies in order to improve the usability of our services as well as for analyzing and personalizing purposes.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually refuse cookies or selectively accept certain cookies by adjusting the preferences in your browser. If you turn off cookies, there may some features of our site that will not be Salja eller sitta still expertens basta rad to you and some web pages may not display properly.

We store the IP address only, if it is necessary to provide a service or if may be legally necessary. Essential information for data processing and security 3.

We will process personally identifiable data within the scope of the law and not without your required further consent only to the extent necessary for the conclusion and execution of our contractual relationship.

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We take organizational, contractual and technical security measures to ensure that the provisions of data privacy laws are complied with and, as a result, the data managed by us is protected from accidental or intentional manipulations, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. These security measures are monitored on a regular basis and updated according to industry standard as necessary. The transmission of data to third-party countries is either based on legal authorization, user consent or specific clauses in the contract, which provide for legally required data security.

Processing of personal data 4. Personal data, in addition to the use expressly named in this agreement and allowed by law, is used for the following purposes: The provision, maintenance, security and execution of our Service; Ensuring effective customer Service and technical support 4.

Upon contacting us, information is saved for the purpose of processing the request and for the event that follow-up questions arise. Registration through authentication services of third parties 5. Particularly Facebook, Google or Twitter can be possible authentication service providers. As requirement for the authentication through a Third-party Provider, users should be registered at the respective Third-party Provider and enter the necessary login details in the appropriate web formula or should be already logged in to Salja eller sitta still expertens basta rad Third-party Provider.

Whether we receive further data depends only on the user who uses the authentication by a Third-party Provider, the data that is selected to be released in the context of the authentication, and which data has been authorized by the user in the privacy or other settings of the user account at the Third-party Provider.

The data can differ, depending on the provider and the selections of the user; normally these are the e-mail address and the user name.

In case of Facebook, this is also the — so called — Public Profile Information, that can be seen by everyone. This includes the name, profile and cover picture, gender, networks i. The password that "Salja eller sitta still expertens basta rad" been entered in the context of the authentication by a Third-party Provider cannot be seen by us, neither can it be saved by the Service Provider.

The users are asked to keep in mind that their data, which we save, can be compared and synchronized with their user account at the Third-party Provider automatically. There is no obligation however for us Salja eller sitta still expertens basta rad update the data. In the case that users decide that they do not wish to further use the connection of their user account at the Third-party Provider for the authentication by a Third-party Provider, they must cancel this connection within their user account at the Third-party Provider.

If the users wish to delete their data we save, they must cancel their account at our Service. During the use of authentication by a third party, the users are asked to keep in mind the applicable Terms of Use, as well as the Rules for Data Use of the third party.

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These can be found: This advertisement consent "Salja eller sitta still expertens basta rad" within the countries of European Union only after an explicit consent was given within a permission dialogue. The same is true for other jurisdictions, where an explicit consent is required. Because of our relations and connections we are able to provide you with offers under beneficial conditions you would otherwise not be able to obtain. Of course, you may at any time opt out from our Service. Newsletter and Personalization 7.

We may ask you for an opt-in Salja eller sitta still expertens basta rad our Service and sent you an email asking you to confirm your registration so called double-opt-in. Non-promotional and thus no newsletter information includes notifications that are sent within the scope of the contract or business relations. This includes, for example, the sending of service emails with technical or organizational information within the framework of our provision of services, billing information, information concerning technical and legal changes, and questions regarding orders.

If you no longer want to receive our newsletter you can opt to stop receiving it at any time. Opt-out possibilities are included in each mail and may also be changed "Salja eller sitta still expertens basta rad" your account settings.

You also give us the consent to store your IP addresses and the timestamp as part of the sign-up process. We are legally bound to Salja eller sitta still expertens basta rad the log-on process so as to be able to verify that logging on is done in accordance with regulations. In order to tailor our newsletter to your interests and to avoid contents that are irrelevant for you or to adjust the frequency of our information i.

We do not use this information for Salja eller sitta still expertens basta rad purposes and we will delete the personally to you related measurement data as soon, as you opt out from receiving our newsletter. This consent applies within the countries of European Union only after an explicit consent was given within a permission dialogue.

We use the log data without any other personal or pseudonymous profiling as required by law only for the purpose of the operation, security and optimization of our servers. In order to do this, we currently use the services provided by OneSignal Inc. In order to be able to display push notifications, OneSignal is required to store an identifying feature of the browser, which is then used for push notifications only.

Users may object to the further use of our push notifications at any time by disabling the function in their browser settings. Google Analytics and User ID We use Google Analytics, a Google Inc. We also use the function User ID in order to track data on user interaction with our Service.

This User ID is anonymized and encrypted and will be except for its pseudonymous use not be processed with other data of a user in a way that makes the user identifiable. We only use Google Analytics with activated IP anonymization. Only in exceptional cases is the full IP address transferred to a Google server in the US where it is shortened. We use the Analytics features for remarketing, Google Display Network impressions, DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration and Google Analytics reports on demographics and user interests.

You can prevent Google from using Google Analytics for display ads and customize ads on the Google Display Network at: Users can prevent cookies being saved through the appropriate setting on their browser software; users can also prevent the acquisition of the data generated by the cookie and related to the use of our Service in addition to the processing of this data by Google by downloading and installing the available browser plug-in at the following link: If you wish to object to the collection of data by Google Marketing Services, you can use the settings and opt-out functions provided by Google: With the help of these tags, an individual cookie, i.

The cookies can be set from various domains, including google. The aforementioned information can also be combined with equivalent information from other sources. This shall not apply where the user has expressly permitted Google to process the data without this pseudonymization. This means that cookies cannot be tracked on the websites of AdWords customers. The information obtained through the cookies serves to create conversion statistics for AdWords customers who have opted for conversion tracking.

The AdWords customers find out the total number of users who have clicked on their ad and have been forwarded to a webpage into which a conversion tracking tag has been integrated.

However, they do not receive any information that would allow users to be personally identified. DoubleClick uses cookies that enable Google and its partner websites to run ads based on users visiting this or other websites.

AdSense uses cookies that enable Google and its partner websites to run ads based on users visiting this or other websites. With the help of Google optimization services, we also test the user-friendliness and effectiveness of our Websites, e. General information on usage of Facebook Users Salja eller sitta still expertens basta rad expressly referred in the context of the Facebook consent dialog to this data collection and the data shared by Facebook with us e. We may use the requested data anonymously for statistical purposes.

These evaluations are just for us only, without any transfers of this data to third parties. Users have the option in the Facebook application settings to end their use of the Service at any time: Individual Content Adjustment For this purpose, we use the data that we receive on users as described within this Privacy Policy and then analyze it via algorithmical functions. This processed information includes data we receive from users during the registration procedure e.

Use of Facebook Social Plugins The plugins are usually identifiable by a Facebook logo e. When you visit a page of our Service that contains a social plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection to Facebook servers. Facebook directly transfers the plugin content to your browser that embeds the latter into the Service, enabling Facebook to receive information about you having accessed the respective page of our Service.

Thus, we have no influence on the data gathered by the plugin and inform you according to our state of knowledge: The embedded plugins provide Facebook with the information that you have accessed the corresponding page of our Service.

If you are logged into Facebook, your visit can be assigned to your Facebook account. Even if you are not logged into Facebook, there is possibility that the plugins transmit your IP-address to Facebook. Your choices are irrespective of platforms and devices and will be considered while using desktop or mobile devices.

The cookie allows Facebook to store the relevant information within your device and retrieve it for the above-mentioned purposes, whereby user profiles may be created. The data Facebook collects is anonymous to us, thus does not reveal any personally identifiable information on you. However, Facebook may connect the data with your user profile within its network. Your choices are irrespective of platforms and devices and will be considered while using desktop or mobile device.

Mobile Statistics and ad Services We use Flurry www. Senaste nytt - Alla nyheter på ett ställe!. I Göteborg smygstartar man med tips och råd under parollen Prata tobak i köpcentret Nordstan.

TT Sök efter Metro nyheter i App Store eller Google Play och ladda ner appen . Men till Salja eller sitta still expertens basta rad från tidigare val har det stått väldigt still denna gång. .

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