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For a short period at the end ofit appeared that publishers had reached a breaking point in their ongoing struggle with reader comments. Within a few weeks of each other, RecodeMicThe Weekand Reuters all announced that they were closing down their comment sections.

They joined the ranks of other outlets, including The Chicago Sun-Times and Popular Sciencethat abandoned the practice in favor of Naken snapchat regel users discuss stories on social channels instead. For just as long, many have agonized over the value of the conversations that rage in the space below a story.

The benefits to social are that people are already on those networks, already holding conversations and sharing stories, Swisher told me. Transcripts of our conversations, below, are edited slightly for clarity and length. Nilay Pateleditor-in-chief, and Helen Havlakengagement editor:. We want to have a big community, a vibrant community, and find ways to grow and nurture that community over time.

That will ultimately lead to our success, particularly in a world where, I think, everyone is super worried about off-platform publishing. How The Verge wants to grow beyond tech blogging Justin Ellis March 23, The posts that have the most comments on them are not necessarily the most popular posts. But often, what was happening was that the posts with the most negative comments on them were the most popular posts because they were the culture posts.

That sort of disconnect between what one vocal minority of the audience was saying, and what the huge majority of the audience was reading, was causing some whiplash. I think you actually need to establish norms of behavior that people will follow because they care about the space.

That comes down to, again, the relationship between the people who work at The Verge and the audience who reads it and cares about it. Forum traffic has jumped about 36 percent. In certain posts, we chose to leave the comment thread on. We chose to have the writer go in and say, OK, this is the question I want to pose to the readers to start a valuable discussion.

The community that happens on the website is super important. Website comments are just one of all Naken snapchat regel these different places where people are responding to us.

Of course, harassment on Twitter have been a problem, but [in general], people who come on Twitter and have their real names and faces, and are actually tweeting back at the writers, tend to be more civil, more constructive. They want to find our writers where they are. We felt that, since so much of the conversation around stories had gravitated toward socialthat was the better place for that discourse to happen.

We did keep comments on our opinion pieces, because we felt that that is where you are trying to start an argument in the best possible way. If it were, we might have taken Naken snapchat regel different approach to it, as opposed to just removing it wholesale. Until Naken snapchat regel or five months ago, we only had social media for [Reuters. We hired Jamillah Knowles to be deputy social editor out of London, to keep us starting a conversation earlier around stories and to give us a truly global feel.

Lauren Young runs them out of New York, and we do Naken snapchat regel a month right now. I think the way [engagement] was being done, the game had passed it by.

I consider us to be in the age of engagement right Naken snapchat regel, in the sense that our social thrust has a very specific plan behind it. Rebuilding our CMS and tweaking our article-level pages is about engagement. We do [discussion] online, on social networks, on Facebook, on Twitter especially.

For example, our Elizabeth Warren interview got a million views and likes on Facebook.

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We did a story called Game of Drones that just has gone crazy on Twitter. We just had a series of videos about Naken snapchat regel techies. Melinda Gates went crazy for our women in tech series. Women in computing has fallen noticeably. We want to have a broad audience, but we also have a very heavy-infuencer audience.

We try other things. We do newsletters every day. We do, obviously, the events. We do a podcast now, which is really helpful. So we try everything, we try to reach out in lots of ways. Things have changed; you have to change with them. And a lot of people followed in our footsteps, which is fascinating.

And a lot more will do it over time. Plus, our site Naken snapchat regel oriented toward social, which is where our users are commenting, with their friends in those environments.

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First, we try to cover the story, whatever Naken snapchat regel is, really, really well. Then we try to present that story to the audience via social and messaging platforms in the most engaging way possible. That could be through headlines, featured images, native video on Facebook, Vines — whatever accurately presents the story while increasing engagement.

Publishing on the Internet can sometimes subject writers to Naken snapchat regel from commenters, you know. As for audience behavior: When FTW removed comments in Decemberit had 8 million monthly unique users. Like many sites, we saw a small number of pseudonymous commenters who were just going to reflexively say nasty stuff no matter what.

We felt that that was the opposite of our missionwhich is to bring the smartest and best ideas to readers in a concise and helpful way.

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Madeline Welsh June 24, Building a commenting system where people would have to comment as their real selves, or moderating a commenting system where people were allowed to continue commenting pseudonymously, was really a resource Naken snapchat regel for us. We like to think of ourselves as a scrappy maverick. We compete with people who are bigger than us; we like to think we punch above Naken snapchat regel weight class.

When we were making this decision last year, we looked a lot at the data. The most comments we ever had in a single month was July ofwhen we had some 68, comments.

That sounds like a lot. But we also had 12 million unique visitors that month. When you start to look at it that way, even if every comment was created by an individual commenter — which is not the way it works; surely several of those commenters commented hundreds of times — 68, commenters would still be dramatically less than one percent of our total Naken snapchat regel. But I do think commenting is a part of it.

Off of our site, on some social platforms, we see really robust and thoughtful conversations: On our Facebook page, off of our Facebook page but being sparked by our content, and on Twitter. Obviously, in its worst form, it can lead to partisan name-calling by a small number of vitriol-spewing readers.

We carefully select the stories that go up on Facebook. Everything that we put out there in the world, we take Naken snapchat regel seriously. Within seconds of us posting something on Facebook, the conversation is off and running.

We are also very, very proud of what we built on Tumblr. We drive a million plus uniques a month from Tumblr, which is unparalleled. More than that, almost every story we post, the number of notes and the number of reblogs and comments back to us is just absolutely amazing.

We are just happy to have an audience wherever we have it.

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We use input from readers online in the form of traffic analytics and emails and in print we still get a lot of handwritten letters to gauge interest in our stories after publication. From there, the editors and writers try to figure out what made certain stories so popular.

To be an expert Naken snapchat regel anything in sci or tech means rolling Naken snapchat regel your sleeves and getting to work. Check out what he and 12 other leaders in the fields of robotics, genetics, electronics, programming, online media, and more have to say about what led to their success in the full guide at popsci.

And stay tuned for more behind the scenes videos with Dr. A video posted by Popular Science popsci on Aug 19, at 7: PopSci is lucky in that our community of readers and followers is very curious, positive, and interested in learning more about all sorts of subjects.

Many of our readers already use social media Naken snapchat regel read and share science news, so moving more of our engagement to where they are now just makes perfect sense. Photo of chattering teeth toy by Wendy used under a Creative Commons license. Cite this article Hide citations. Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, 16 Sep.

What happened after 7 news sites got rid of reader comments. Retrieved January 3,from http: Last modified September 16, Accessed January 3, The Nieman Journalism Lab is a collaborative attempt to figure out how quality journalism can survive and thrive in the Internet age. Some news orgs are killing comments, but not just because their commenters are terrible at being humans.

This is my next step: How The Verge wants to grow beyond tech blogging. A wave of distributed content is coming — will publishers sink or swim? Can comment sections contain gasp! Show tags Hide tags. Our daily email, with all the freshest future-of-journalism news. Prefer a once-a-week email? The latest from Nieman Lab. Naken snapchat regel design system for responsible publishing.

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