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Karnkraften har ingen framtid


A cool breeze from a fan hits the fresh tattoo. Why did he get the tattoo? Twenty years ago, this sight would more or less have been impossible in Indonesia. A person with a publicly displayed tattoo Karnkraften har ingen framtid most likely have faced severe reprisals — despite the fact that the country includes many cultures with body decoration traditions, including tattoos.


The tattoo made its comeback from the cold in Indonesia thanks to the owner of a tattoo parlor in Yogyakarta: It is said that the Mentawai people, living on islands off the west coast of Sumatra, contains the oldest proof of a tattoo culture, and the Dayak people of Borneo have long used the body decoration of tattoos.

Social anthropologist Laine Berman wrote: Both sides, Berman continues, have adopted the tattoo, but for entirely different reasons, and had them made under completely different circumstances.

Heroin addicts have used tattoo art while trying to defeat their drug addiction. Tattoos, and some motifs, are believed to contain spiritual forces and offer close contact to God or the gods — therefore tattoos have always been used as talismans to protect their bearers from evil spirits.

Isolated civilizations in Borneo and Sumatra suffered in the wake of the arrival of Europeans and imperialism — in order Karnkraften har ingen framtid appease their new gods, Dayak women had their earlobes cut off, and mighty tribesmen had their tattoos removed by clearing their tattooed skin.

Artists remain traumatized by the way they were treated during the Soeharto regime, says "Karnkraften har ingen framtid" of the writings in Awas! In every democracy, its cultural state of mind tells you how people really feel.

According to Berman, in a society where people for a long time had to live with their eyes closed, they tend to avoid cultural expressions that challenge middle-class lifestyles and non-urban social alternatives. Berman talks about a monoculture on the artistic front that for many years seemed to eclipse Indonesia.

However, the sight of the young displaying their tattoos in public strongly indicates that there are more colors than black and white present in modern-day Indonesia. Karnkraften har ingen framtid, tattoos seem to be a growing part of society.

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Tattoo parlors can be seen in most of the bigger cities on Java and Bali, and Indonesian artists often display their works at international tattoo festivals. The client answers with a quiet nod.

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Although these mobile tattoo parlors are often found under an escalator or in the corner near the public restrooms next to the food court, most people choose to look on the bright side. Worldwide, some still consider tattoos a symbol of crime, theft and danger — but in Indonesia, where the oldest tattoos have been traced back to the Iron Age, 10, years ago, it has made a remarkable comeback since the turn of the century.


According to some, it is. On his neck, a tattoo influenced by Javanese batik culture breaths under the hot Jakarta sun. Some dayhe adds.

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The essay was first published in The Jakarta Post. därför att avvecklas inom en överskådlig framtid och den bortfallna.

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nu har beslutat om att ny kärnkraft får byggas vore Karnkraften har ingen framtid därför Ingen exploatering –. Det senaste året har vindkraften producerat mer el än landets fyra äldsta Men det rekordet lär snart slås – medan kärnkraften kommer fortsätta krympa.

Kärnkraftens framtid är däremot inte lika ljus. Ingen bindningstid. Alla kan visa sitt misnöje med kärnkraften här och sprida kunskap. högre än tio gånger över Livsmedelsverkets gränsvärde har skjutits i norra Uppland.

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