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The Panama American Portion of title: Weekend American Physical Description: Scott Family Library Fund donor Publisher: Panama City, Panama Publication Date: October 21, Frequency: Notes Dates or Sequential Designation: On Saturday published as: Record Information Source Institution: University of Florida Rights Management: This item is presumed to be in the public domain.

The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Related Items Related Items: This item is only available as the Decimeter fran att ga miste om 23 milj downloads: Stevenson to to-day day to-day chided President Eisenhower and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles as -derelict and untruthful in their con con-duet duet con-duet of foreign affairs, particularly in the Suez Canal crisis.

The Democratic Presidential candidate waited for a long time to go after the administration on the Suez, and explained to a highly responsive audience of about 4, people here last night that he did so only because Mr. Eisenhower, himself, introduced the subject into the cam cam-paign paign cam-paign "in a highly misleading way.


He said America's relations with Britain and France were growing increasingly fragile the Idea of the European defense community had collapsed and the United States has been of no help whatever" in settling the Cyprus dispute. Yet, Stevegison said, the ad- Death March Sgt. The year-old Marine from Worcester, Mass. He was re reduced duced reduced from staff sergeant as a pan' of his sentence for the training mishap.

Although the public infor information mation information officer here said t knew f no plant to transfer McKeon to another base, the United Press learned the for former mer former drill instructor wW be transferred Nov. Meanwhile, McKeon will serve as a cnapiams bsmu. So far as could be determined, all the members of "a number of espionage groups" mentioned in a Prague broadcast were native Czechs. The broadcast, quoting the official Czech agency CTK, said one of the gioutts, "di "directed rected "directed by the American intel intelligence ligence intelligence service," included two Ctech army deserters schooled for spying "in American es espionage pionage espionage training centers in Frankfurt Am Main West Germany.

An announcement said two shots were fired nt "a figure" when it annroached a rnrdon arnnnri fhr village nt T. Wright, 36, and Mrs. Richardson Preyer sentenced Wright to two years on the roads and the Decimeter fran att ga miste om 23 milj to 'six months. Wright was tried twice on bigamy charges growing out of his marriage to two Negro women, but on each occasion the jury was unable to reach a verd'ct.

The state had contended Wright Is a Negro and had mar ried the two Negro women with without out without a divorce. He claimed he is white, which would have invali invalidated dated invalidated both marriages.

Preyer ruled in the second big bigamy amy bigamy trial last week that, because Wright had lived as a Negro with his first two wives, he is a Negro.


Bullard said she had be believed lieved believed Wright Was white when she married him in June. The state said she did not have any proof that she Decimeter fran att ga miste om 23 milj married him. Mar Mar-kos kos Mar-kos made a statement In which he charged Egyptian officers threatened reprisals against his family The tramp steamer Athos was captured by the French navy off the coast of Algeria's oran De Department partment Department Tuesday, crew mem members bers members told French officials the ship was owned by Egypt and was loaded with arms and am ammunition munition ammunition by Egyptian soldiers in Alexandria.

French school children can soon give up their milk and go Decimeter fran att ga miste om 23 milj to spiking their drinking water with good red The National Assembly's com mittee on beveraves vntixi nr.

So far the Panamanian gov government ernment government has given no orders to Panamanian ships to pay dues to the Suez Canal Users Associa Association. Following press reports that the United States intended urg urging ing urging Panama to block American American-owned owned American-owned ships flying the Pana Panamanian manian Panamanian flag from paying canal dues direct to Egypt, Dr.

Roberto Arias, the Panamanian ambas ambassador sador ambassador in London, have Issued the following statement: Although it was not definitely known how many of the U S. It was believed a full-scale American walkout may come this week end when the first payday falls due. He said he was promised that his earnings during the first 18 months would be tax-free to a a-void void a-void double taxation in the U U-nited nited U-nited States, but when he re received ceived received his first partial pay a large amount was taken out for Egyptian income tax.

This is the second year such a contest has been held oy tne Police Association. Following is the entry blank which should be filled out by contestants: Ambition and Plans for the Future: Entrant agrees that the time, manner and method of judging the contest shall be solely within the discretion of the C Z P A. I hereby acknowledge that I have read the official rules and regulations as printed in the notice regarding the Contest, and that I am complying with them in every way, and that personal data as herein set forth is correct.

Contestant must be unmarried, Deiween n and n years or nm. Richards right and Dr. Forssman discovered a new method of diagnosing heart ailments and the Americans perfected his technique.

The evaluation commiixo which will serve on a consul consultant tant consultant fee baa's will be compos composed ed composed of Dr. It is expected that the survey by this committee, which begins Monday, will re require quire require about two weeks of field study during which visits to the various schools will be made.

The Latin American school system in the canal zone is nnw n tt. It will also provide school offi official. Thp evaluation committee will be asked to consider such edu educational cational educational matters s curriculum, school plant, teaching methods, materials of instruction, quali fication or tne ieaun: The Latn American school system in the Canal Zone with Spanish as the basic teaching language was inaugurated with the school term beginning in During the first year classroom work to Spanish was adopted only in the f rst six grades, with that language being a required subject in all other grades.

The adoption of Spanish as the teaching lan language guage language throughout the schools was inaugurated at the be beginning ginning beginning of the school term. The change In the Canal Zone scnooi system was adopted to orient the large group of stu aents who are native to the isinmus both culturally and so socially cially socially to the background of their homeland In accomplishing this broad objective, the curri curriculum culum curriculum has been adopted in cor correlation relation correlation with that used In the schools of the republic, in addi addition, tion, addition, the school term is being changed so that beginning with the next year it will be the same as that used in the Panama schools.

As a nant of the chance adnnf. These changes, school officials forsee, will result in the Canal Zone becoming primarily a bi bilingual lingual bilingual community within the near future. Cespedes, who will serve on the committee, was em- ployed as a special consultant in the program during the first two years of its operation.

Po lice arrested Jessie Abraham of Bishopville when they Decimeter fran att ga miste om 23 milj himlcution of the sentences was stay stay-driving driving stay-driving around the golf course. Joseph McGlmchey, pastor of St. Church, issuing instructions that steady dating among stu students dents students at St.

Mary's High School be discouraged as Decimeter fran att ga miste om 23 milj as pos possible. He said it often becomes an 'occasion of sin" and leads to "forced marriages. Percy Hickcox, pastor of St. Our young people's counsellors con continually tinually continually are trying to discourage boys and girls of high school age from going steady.

Doty said thart while he agreed with Msgr McGUnchey in some respects, he feared an eaici cracking down on steady dating would make teenagers become "more secretive" about their ac tivities. The Hunters, first swept-wing jets eyer seen here, flew in from Cyprus early today.

Two others paid a visit to the British base here Thursday. Both the, British embassy and the foreein office in London say the Hunters are on "routine training missions," but their pre presence sence presence here is an unmistakable re reminder minder reminder of Britain's warning that it will live uo to its treaty ob- If Jordan is attacked.

An additional 60 -day jail term was ordered in case of failure of any defendant to pay the fine. Rudd, who said he had "never called on divine guidance so much or so often" in reaching a decis decis-sion, sion, decis-sion, said he hoped the Negroes will be "Christian enough" to a a-bide bide a-bide by his ruling. Correspondent Phillipe Ben said there were report in Warsaw that students and workers had had arms dis distributed tributed distributed to them to oppose by Decimeter fran att ga miste om 23 milj of arms Soviet efforts to crush de-Stalinization in Poland.

The Polish secret police reported to have refused to arrest "liberal" Polish officials spearheading the de de-Stalinization Stalinization de-Stalinization campaign, Ben said. Ben reported in a story phoned from Warsaw tha't Soviet com communist munist communist boss Nlklta Khrushchev accused the polish Reds of "plotting with the Zionists and Americans to pull Poland out of the Eas: That shall hot succeed, that shall not happen! More than Hungarian student walked out of the Communist youth organization last night and iormea tneir own -maepenaent" student organization, Budapest Radio said today.

Material Information

The students formed their own union after a "storm? They also demanded removal Hungarian army, from office of "those persons re- The Communists abolished Re sponsible for the violation of law in recent years" and called for a cut In ministerial salaries and a general wage hike.

The broadcast quoted the Communist youth newspaper Szabad Ifjusag as saying the sons in the universities, students also demanded rein-j The broadcasts monitored here statement of March 15 as a le-jalso said Hungary welcomed the gal holiday. Hungarian lntellec- re-election of Wladyslaw Go Go-tuals tuals Go-tuals revolted against the rule mulka as a member of the fien fien-of of fien-of the Hapsburg Monarchy on tral Committee of the Polish March 15,and were nut!

A large Soviet unit has cross ed the polish frontier, and re reports ports reports from Decimeter fran att ga miste om 23 milj poznan region say Russian tanks are head ing ior tne polish capital. Large concen concentrations Decimeter fran att ga miste om 23 milj concentrations of Soviet troops are reported in the suburbs of faw, especially at Btalany, Taiblonna and Henryklow.

They wer told to protect members of the anti-Soviet liberal group. Wltaszewski pro-Russian chief political commissar of the Po Polish lish Polish army drew un a list of 70fl liberal leaders who were to be arrested, but that secret police refused to carry out the arrests.

Budapest radio said earlier that a "fight for liberty" staged by university students auicklv resulted in abolishment of corn- ;pulsory Russian language les- "The re-election of Qomulka proved that the Polish Commu Communists nists Communists are not afraid of a reshuf reshuffle fle reshuffle which became necessary, re regardless gardless regardless of the possible reactlona of enemies within the country or abroad," the broadcast said.

Budapest radio, quoting from the qentral organ of the Hun Hungary gary Hungary Communist youth organi organization zation organization "Szabadifjusag," said university students made four demands In their "fight for lib liberty.

Hungary minister of educa education tion education Albert Konya immediately announced abolishment of the compulsory Russian language lessons at a conference of uni university versity university presidents in Budapest, the broadcast said. The Petoefi Circle, a Commu Communist nist Communist debating club of intellec intellectuals, tuals, intellectuals, sent a telegram yesterday congratulating Nagy on his re habilitation and readmittanct to the Communist Party.

NEVv from the road up! Torsion-Aire which incorporates the use of front Torsion bars springs, ball Joint assemblies, improved Oriflow shock absorbers, and "outrigger" elliptical rear springs Of course, the new DODGE V-8 engines are bigger and mightier! I have a lot of money in vested in the house. CBS financing Eve Arden in a new telefilm series for next fall.

She's sold all her rights in '"Our Miss Brooks" to the net work for a big sum to be paid out over a six-year period. Bing Crosby's straight dramatic role, minus warbling, in his next film. Bob Mitchum climbing trees and fighting sea turtles on 1 o c a a-tion tion a-tion in the m o v i e, "Heaven Knows, Mr.

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