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Nordisk Film vurderer, at interaktiv...

How to start an online casino and sportsbook. Nordisk Film er en af de helt store spillere i det danske mediebillede. Nordisk Film vurderer, at interaktiv TV kan blive en storspiller i kampen om at blive den foretrukne adgangsvej til internettet fra danske hjem, og at internet og TV i det hele taget vil smelte Tv direktivforslaget til et integreret medie.

Tv direktivforslaget Williams fortalte, at Sky Television har knap 3 mio. Set Top Bokse ude i engelske hjem. Der tilbydes e-mail, spil og udvidede TV-funktioner. Men Play Off oplever nu, at det er rentabelt at drive virksomheden. Tahir Siddique vurderer, at der skal ca. Play Off oplever, at det er vigtigt at kunne tilbyde danske spil.

Play Off vurderer, at "Tv direktivforslaget."

finansierat distribuerar radio- och TV-program?...

Danske spillesteder skal certificeres af myndighederne og betale en rimelig afgift. Man kunne lave en garantifond a'la rejsebranchens. Om fremtiden siger Martin Thorborg: I Quebec har der eksisteret Tv direktivforslaget lotto siden Fremkomsten af nye spil har altid udvidet markedet.

SSP ser gerne, at man tillader etablering af bookmakere i Danmark. Han vil gerne betale evt. Om Tipstjenesten siger SSP: Uproar startede i i Budapest med softwareudvikling. Det hele er finansieret af annoncer og sponsorer. Uproar er etableret i Skandinavien gennem et selskab i Norge. Herfra vil man bearbejde Sverige, Finland og Danmark. Uproar har specialiseret sig i multi player spil.

I de fleste af spillene kan spillerne chatte med hinanden under spillet. Tv direktivforslaget indsamler information om sine spillere: Men folk har generelt ikke noget imod at svare. Indtil videre har man 4. Tv direktivforslaget var det eneste produkt frem "Tv direktivforslaget"hvor Lotto blev introduceret.

Siden er flere spil blevet introduceret, bl. Det er meningen at dette spil skal udbredes generelt efter pilotperioden. Dels vurderes hvilke spil, der er interessante nu og i fremtiden, dels vurderes hvilke distributionskanaler, der skal benyttes fremover. Electronic business is unimaginable without the processing of personal data. An impediment on the further development of electronic commerce is the fear of consumers that the information they provide consciously or not will be used in ways they would not authorize.

It is unanimously assumed and supported by market surveys and opinion polls that a climate of sustained confidence is essential for maintaining the growing potential of the information Tv direktivforslaget. Not only personal data processing, but also personal data protection has become a business in the networked economy. A new 'privacy protection industry' is springing up with services helping online consumers to get better control of the use of their data.

Nearly every week new privacy protection services or tools are announced. The wide variety of services and the constant development of new creative ideas in this domain is undoubtedly a very positive evolution. As in every other sector however creativity, innovation and competition has to be combined with a certain degree of standardisation.

Even if it were only for the achievement of some degree of uniformity, or at least a benchmark by which to judge that various products and services can be evaluated on the basis of well-established criteria, standardisation of some manor would appear a justified aim.

An initiative is also necessary for two other reasons. It is impossible to deny that the protection of the individual with regard to the processing of personal data in the context of global electronic Tv direktivforslaget remains "Tv direktivforslaget," despite the wide range of regulatory initiatives in this area.

Every company willing to start up global e-business in full respect of all applicable national and international rules on personal data protection, experiences the lack of clear and practical rules on how to behave or comply in this respect. This is not an ideal situation. This provides only for a general framework and much of the effectiveness of the protection envisaged will Tv direktivforslaget depend on the various member state implementation mechanisms.

The major affected parties to this legislation seem to concur on the need for some general guidelines to compliment the provisions of the directive. And then there is the on-going discussion between the EU and the US about the international transfer of personal data and about the 'adequacy' of the self-regulatory approach favoured in the US.

Tv direktivforslaget puts into the spotlight the inherently different transatlantic approaches towards the issue of personal data protection — legislation Tv direktivforslaget opposed to industry led self-regulation. As this is being Tv direktivforslaget we appear to be in the end game of the political discussions. We await the actual member state ratification of the diplomatic proposals. However it seems clear that there is a need on a global scale to initiate discussions with all interested parties on how to behave with regard to the protection of personal data.

There seems to be a broad agreement on the need for some set of recognized practices and procedures in this area. Regulators want to see mechanisms producing effectiveness and accountability. Businesses want to embed compliance into existing business practices using existing mechanisms.

They are looking for a solution to remove uncertainty and that is scaleable so as to minimise the Tv direktivforslaget aspect. Consumers for their part are looking for mechanisms that will inspire confidence, substance and an element of independent assurance. What concerns us is the situation as it stands today. The push for some form of Standardisation will take time — a minimum of Tv direktivforslaget a dozen internet years at best.

Troels Lilja's research primarily focuses...

One only has to look at how long the EU Directive took from conception to delivery — in excess of 6 years "Tv direktivforslaget" and how even today some Member states are being sued for failure to meet the enabling legislation timetable to understand that waiting for any certainty in this area is going to require at the very least, considerable patience.

In the US, the notion of self-regulation on privacy would appear to reign supreme. With the exception of 'special' situations, such as the Children On Line Privacy Protection Act which covers the risk to under 13 year olds and the prospect of some regulation in the Medical field, on-line privacy is a voluntary undertaking. However, the above Business Week statistics reveal how important this issue is to the internet Business Model. As a consequence there has been a proliferation of industry led approaches to address this concern.

From Privacy Enhancing Technology solutions which look to embed in either the web site owner's operating system or the consumer's, technological means to protect privacy to Tv direktivforslaget Seal programs, which adopt rules of conduct which the Web site owner agrees to comply with in return for a visible seal of approval, the Tv direktivforslaget has demonstrated that it recognises this as a key issue.

And very recently, there Tv direktivforslaget been several calls to put the Web seals on a regulatory basis, by empowering the Federal Trade Commission to administer a government run e-commerce seal program, and so answer the criticism of lack of enforcement that is levelled at the current seal programs. Undoubtedly the recent 'case law' has brought about this move to follow what already exists in Europe, namely a regulatory Tv direktivforslaget in this matter.

It is clear that privacy violations, whether real or perceived, have left the realm of internet etiquette and are now a tangible business problem that can damage your brand and cost you money.

From a recent speech by President Clinton, who said to the e-commerce industry 'Protect on-line Tv direktivforslaget or the Feds will', Tv direktivforslaget the surge in demand for Privacy Officers in the Tv direktivforslaget world, we can see just "Tv direktivforslaget" important this matter has become.

If we turn now to our specific experience, we demonstrate this increasing awareness. Started in late as an industry led program we have seen applications and licensed sites accelerate exponentially. We have witnessed a surge from 70 licenses in January to in January to in January We have applications pending and are approving nearly a month. The Truste Seal is the most highly rated impression on view figures on Tv direktivforslaget internet, scoring 4 times as many as the next closest, AOL.

What can we conclude from this? Business realises that it is no longer acceptable not to respect privacy. Even in the absence of a regulatory environment, the correct handling of privacy is at the very heart of a successful e-commerce strategy.

Unlike the US, Europe has a regulated approach to Privacy. This Directive was passed into European Law in October and Member states now have a Tv direktivforslaget requirement to pass enabling legislation to make the EU Directive National law.

This however has not yet been universally achieved across Member states, to the extent that Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Luxembourg and Tv direktivforslaget Netherlands are all being sued by the European Court of Justice for failing to notify the implementing measures within the deadline prescribed by the Directive.

However, it seems likely that eventually, all will be enabled. What is also clear that Member states can have their own National laws on Privacy.

Thus in Germany for example, it is national law that the right of anonymity should be offered to those wishing to transact on-line. However, it is clear that the de facto situation in Europe and for that matter in Denmark is that Privacy is regulated and at the very least, on-line businesses whether gaming or otherwise, have to comply with the EU Directive.

Whereas data-processing systems are designed to serve man; whereas they must, whatever the nationality or residence of natural persons, respect their fundamental rights and freedoms, notably the right to privacy, and contribute to economic and social progress, trade expansion and the well-being of individuals; [EU Oct95, Paragraph 2].

Personal data refers to any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person data subjectwhere this identifying process can be either direct or indirect. The processing of personal data includes collection, recording, organization, storage, adaptation, alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure Tv direktivforslaget transmission, dissemination, or even destruction of personal data.

The standard limitations apply after all, according to the Treaty on European Union, public safety, defence, Tv direktivforslaget security or activities of the State in the area of criminal laws fall outside the scope of Community law; this also includes the safeguarding of the economic well-being of the state. Interestingly, the economic well being of the state includes taxation, budgetary, and monetary matters. The intent of the Directive is that personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully, collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes, is necessarily accurate, and is not kept for any longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected [EU Oct95, Article 6].

Essentially, personal data can not be collected arbitrarily, and the collection of this data must meet some pre-specified requirements: Personal data may only be processed under a specific set of requirements as well. The data subject must unambiguously give consent for the gathering and processing of this data. If this is not the case, then Tv direktivforslaget must arise: Even more emphasis is placed particularly on special categories of data, where processing is prohibited.

These special categories Tv direktivforslaget of data that reveal racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, and the processing of data concerning health or sex life.

Limitations still do apply here too, such as employment law, or if the processing is in the vital interests of the individual. har Sverige fått igenom en skrivelse i det nya direktivförslaget som gör det möjligt för svenska aktörer - som till exempel tv- och radiostationer.

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finansierat distribuerar radio- och TV-program? Låter sig den gränsen fastställas Ett huvudsyfte med direktivförslaget är att söka skynda.

ATMs and banking services,; PCs,;...

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