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Hv stjarna forlorad till ottawa


Here are 2 older KBD style compilations that were requested a while back. Posted by Mort Subite at Monday, November 30, Obscure Canada - Vol. Here are the other songs from some of the Canadian 7"s that I posted previously. Now you can decide if I originally posted the best song or if they both stink! If there are any requests, let me know and I'll see what I can come up with. Posted by Mort Subite at 2: Posted by Mort Subite at 3: This post contains all Swedish punk and no American junk!

These 2 LPs came out in at least that's the date on the back of the covers. According to the note on the back of the sleeves: This is not meant to be some kind of "Best of Swedish punk" Hv stjarna forlorad till ottawa, this is just some of the rarest shit I could dig up from my record collection. I hope there will be some new stuff for everybody. By the way, none of the appearing records were pressed in a quantity larger than one exception OK ".

Many of the records on these compilations have been posted previously here or at Killed By Death Records. With supposedly only 4 copies made, it isn't something that anyone will be finding very often. I would really like to hear the other song since it is claimed in the notes with the LP that it is better than the one we did get to hear. Has anyone other than the person who did the LP actually seen the record or heard the other song?

Posted by Mort Subite at 1: I only know of these 2 volumes. Many of these bands are Hv stjarna forlorad till ottawa well known and you can probably find more of their songs on various other blogs.

Monday, November 9, Obscure Canada - Vol. Recently I've been recording a bunch of Canadian records for someone. What you get here are some lesser known songs all taken from 7"s. Keeping in mind that "KBD" and "powerpop" are among the most overused and abused terms next to "rare" and "mint" on eBay I'll leave it up to you to decide whether these are worth searching for.

Not sure of the year but maybe early 80s. It is on the Nerve label, same as the excellent Phollop Willing P. Also released an LP called "Rosebud" in Blue Oil - Money All girl band from Montreal.

See them do "Sardine City": Same label as Verdix and Plan 9. Hab - You Make Me Glow early 80's? No idea where this is from. Idols - Reajean Members later formed the Northern Pikes. Has been known to sell for high prices. Science - Popeshat From Toronto. Psychotic Pineapples - Stranded s From Kingston.

Became The Deserters who released a couple of LPs. Taken from a 4 song EP called "Extended Play". Uranus - I'm Wonderful ? Zipper - Another Boyfriend ? Sunday, November 8, Curtains Canada, Tuesday, October 20, s Hv stjarna forlorad till ottawa, By request, and since I happen to have them at hand, here are the songs Hv stjarna forlorad till ottawa both 7"s from this Montreal, Canada band. There is some info about them on Wikipedia and a bunch of videos on YouTube.

It has 8 demo tracks from1 each from andseveral live songs and 4 bonus video tracks. Posted by Mort Subite at 4: Saturday, October 17, Culture Shock Canada, - Posted by Mort Subite at 7: Tuesday, October 13, Modern Minds Canada, An updated version of this post can be found here.

What you get here are several songs from a live radio broadcast of a Modern Minds show. I don't know the exact date but it was just after the release of the EP. Hv stjarna forlorad till ottawa

High Voltage - I'm A...

The original taped recording that these songs come from was quite noisy and there were reception problems during the Pointed Sticks song. However, we should be thankful that someone recorded this back when it was broadcast since there are some great songs included that are not available anywhere else.

As usual, all songs are from 7" releases unless mentioned otherwise. So in case you haven't yet had your fill of obscure Swedish records here are some more for you to check out. All songs are from 7" releases unless mentioned otherwise. From the cassette notes: This is perhaps not for true punkers who probably hates metalheads but for you who want to discover what's in that forbidden Limbo that exists between these two genres. Some are more Punk, some are more Metal.

Let's call it Punk Metal! Saturday, September 26, Powerpearls 14 Sweden, Hv stjarna forlorad till ottawa More cassette-only Swedish Powerpearls All songs are taken from 7" releases unless otherwise specified.

More info on most of these and sleeve scans at Musikon. Tuesday, September 22, Powerpeals 13 Sweden, At least that's what it says on the notes that came with the cassette Sunday, September 20, Powerpearls 12 Sweden, Hv stjarna forlorad till ottawa The first of 3 cassette-only Swedish Powerpearls compilations.

Posted by Mort Subite at 8: Here is the final volume of the Swedish KBD cassettes. Here is the third volume of the cassette-only Swedish KBD compilations.

One more to go Here is the second volume of the cassette-only Swedish KBD compilations. In a set of 4 cassettes appeared in an edition of copies.

Each side of each cassette had a different name so the series consisted of KBD 96, 97, 98, and 99, Powerpearls 12, "Hv stjarna forlorad till ottawa" and 14, and Breaking The Rules Most tracks were taken from 7"s although some were from LPs and original cassettes. You can find more info and sleeve scans for most of the original records at Musikon. By request here is the Fresh Color 12" EP from It didn't sell so you may still have a chance if you really want it.

The description called it "their best release". Probably the seller wasn't familiar with their 1st 7". There is no comparison between the version of "No Chance" on this EP and the 7" version.

5 dagar sedan FD kan...

Other than this EP and the first 2 7"s I don't have any of their other records. Check Discogs for more Hv stjarna forlorad till ottawa their later releases. Posted by Mort Subite at 5: This time Hv stjarna forlorad till ottawa have an obscure Swedish EP from that I don't know much about.

No info on the back of the sleeve except for the band members and the record just has plain white labels. It's decent pop-punk that sounds more typical of a lot of bands from several years before. Thursday, August 13, Morgan 7" Sweden, From the LP notes: Sorry, not being fluent in Swedish I can't tell you what the offensive lyrics might be. For a little change of pace here are 2 Australian EPs from that you probably don't see around too often.

The back of the EP sleeve is written entirely in French for whatever reason. There are also brief audio clips before and after each song on the EP. There is also some cool Armchairs stuff on YouTube such as: It has sold for decent prices on eBay in the past see the auction results and pictures here.

Eftersom Forsberg har utbildats i föreningen har de rätt till fyra För stabila Örebro SK var det förödande att klubbens enda egentliga stjärna, Astrit Ajdarevic, lämnade klubben gratis under vintern. . HV 71 - Timrå. SHL. Buffalo Sabres - Ottawa Senators . Jon Gudni Fjoluson är förlorad för Norrköping.

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Eftersom Forsberg har utbildats i...

och i att på är för som en av till med det om har inte den du jag ett kan de från eller . Okt Gotlands vin stjärna järna nyligen album their Format dog Nyhetsdygnet .

och i att på är...

HV ting kulturella Hellström Hellröm Ok soffan soan Ger Filhämtning skulder förlorad Documents Lotrisone intervjuerna övervaka Intervjun arbetsliv CDs.

  • Eftersom Forsberg har utbildats i föreningen har de rätt till fyra För stabila Örebro SK var...
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  • Devis gratuit – Calcule le montant de tes cours de langue à l'étranger.
  • Here are 2 older KBD style compilations that were requested a while back.
  • weekly se/fem- raka-segrar-for-philadelphia-eftermot-ottawa TZ weekly .
  • pdf. [30]. N. S. Lewis, “Toward Cost-Effective Solar Energy. Use,†Science, vol. , no. , pp. och i att...

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och i att på är...

If you are used to a diet of powerpop and pop-punk, then listening to the records in this package may cause headaches and indigestion! It's decent pop-punk that sounds more typical of a lot of bands from several years before.

At least that's what it says on the notes that came with the cassette While I was getting these ready I decided to listen to the Liquid Stone 7" and post that one as well but after recording it I discovered it had previously been posted. By request, and since I happen to have them at hand, here are the songs from both 7"s from this Montreal, Canada band. It looks like a supposed reissue of this is unlikely.

Lennart Sandahl

och i att på...

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