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Diplomater flyr kabul


Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. Col Hall had reached Nur Khan Air Base for boarding the aircraft that had come to take him but Diplomater flyr kabul not allowed to leave, an official said. Diplomatic licence to kill. Col Hall accompanied by around eight people from the embassy reached the air base around five minutes later for boarding the aircraft.

The FIA officer on duty after finding out that it was Col Hall, held back his passport and sought directions from his high-ups, according to a source. The permission for Col Hall to leave was not granted and the special aircraft returned to Bagram at around 4pm.

American Air Force plane came from Bagram airbase in Afghanistan to take Col Hall who is involved in accident in Diplomater flyr kabul one Pakistani died. The diplomat later returned to the embassy.

Last Saturday, a daring afternoon...

A US Embassy spokesman refused to comment on the matter. Electronic media virtually gave wall-to-wall coverage for over two hours to the US attempt to get Col Hall out of the country after the news broke that a special military aircraft had reached Islamabad to take him.

The court, however, asked the government to decide within two weeks whether or not Col Hall should be placed on the ECL. The judge also noted that Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations provides immunity from arrest and detention to diplomats. The matter was also discussed during the last visit of US official Alice Wells.

But, so far there has been no progress. The restrictions confine the diplomats and their families within the cities they are posted at. Apparently, two recent traffic accidents in Islamabad, involving US diplomats further strained already tense relations between the US and Pakistan.

A US Embassy security officer, Taimur Peerzada, was briefly arrested when he went to help a US diplomat involved in the second accident. Good, government showing some courage. Had it been an escape attempt of a pakistani diplomat from Washington they would have put him in jail. Take the right for clarity on immunity to the world stage. Personal acts should not fall under the Vienna convention.

Diplomater flyr kabul should have been arrested to be produce in court for trial. Was it really a traffic accident that killed motorcyclist? Or it was something similar to Raymond Davis Diplomater flyr kabul This is a time of reckoning for our politicians and the Army.

If we let this guy escape different from approving his departure we will have lost the last shred of our sovereignity. Are we going to let a guy like Trump get away with this eggrigious behavior?

A traffic accident or road rage or negligence in driving by a diplomat comes within purview of Vienna Convention, and not the courts of host country. No doubt a "Diplomater flyr kabul" died in that accident, the matter can be amicably resolved by way of an appropriate compensation, unfortunately no other choice.

Hall is a diplomat, has an immunity under Vienna convention. Holding him, will have repercussions. Vienna convention does not say kill the citizens and leave the country. There is a system you have to follow and investigation you have to go through before using your immunity.

This guy ran a red light killed a 22 year old and badly injuring another. Rules and laws of a state should be respected even if u have diplomatic immunity.

Diplomater flyr kabul Letting him go without punishment ll also have domestic repercussions, Vienna convention does not give license Diplomater flyr kabul kill, he ran the red light taking a human life.

Magnanimous approach, Its not that simple, its about someone losing their life, not losing a bag so someone can be compensated. Imagine a Pakistani diplomat killing an American in United States, that diplomat would be held accountable, diplomat or not.

There are guidelines in Vienna convention. Pakistan should study other diplomats in US involve in similar traffic violence.

If other diplomats in US had immunity for similar accidents, Pakistan should follow the Vienna convention rules of diplomatic immunity. George dude no one is above the law immunity doesnt give ya authority to take someone. If he was right he should have go through law not by escaping. Very strange Vienna Convention! Normal people break the law can be tried in the court and if diplomats break the same law cannot be tried in the country or not even in their own country.

Have to see how long Pakistan can withstand pressure. Trump's America will not listen to anything. Pakistan is a nation of fighters. They will rather eat grass than let a convicted diplomat leave. I am keeping my fingers crossed about my "such" faith about Pakistan Nation and I hope they will not let me down.

US can easily rescue any of its citizen from any country. Pakistan know this better than any other country. No country can stop them.

An accident may happen because of mistake by one or both. US should consider paying compensation to the family of victim if the accident was a mistake of its diplomat. If there is no mistake, no compensation. You can't live with tension for long. Trust me he can leave Pakistan whenever he wants to leave Pakistan. The only question is will he leave with drama or without. By all means give him the immunity enjoyed by the Vienna Convention. That protects him from trial etc.

But there is no immunity from an order to leave Pakistan and have restrictions imposed upon him in Pakistan. This man should spend the rest of his life in the confines of US embassy in Islamabad enjoying his diplomatic immunity. Can't understand the logic of providing immunity to diplomats in such cases. Killing innocent human beings due to negligence should not be acceptable under any circumstances. Didn't Vienna Convention architects knew that it works both ways.

This means that diplomats are allowed to freely practice such Road Rages any where in the world without any consequences what to ever. Why was he not arrested when he arrive at the base for departure. He was on Pakistani soil and not on embassy ground. For any crime law of the land should apply, no Diplomater flyr kabul to which country Diplomater flyr kabul belong.

Every person should respect law Diplomater flyr kabul the country either posted on an assignment or as a visitor. Immunity should not be granted at all.

Just imagine how US administration and Mr. Trump would have behaved if an Diplomater flyr kabul of Pakistan embassy ran over an American citizen on the streets of Washington. These guys should be taught a lesson that they cannot have double standards. George Just because he is posted at the embassy doesn't mean he has diplomatic immunity.

Geneva Convention has a very specific definition of diplomats and individuals posted at embassies have to certified as such at the start of their posting. I would say the answer is "we don't know" if he is actually a diplomat as defined by the convention. Our Foreign Office needs to clarify. If so, obviously Pakistani courts will have no jurisdiction, but the matter can still be pursued at the International Court of Human Rights by the victim's heirs.

Whether they'll have the resources to do so is another matter. The diplomat in question is not in police custody but is residing in US Embassy in Islamabad in a protected environment. He shouldn't be leaving the country without amicable settlement of the issue which involves death of a person due to his reckless driving.

US has changed and so has Pakistan. If he has diplomatic immunity according to Vienna convention, then there must be further detail on the matter for the host country to what to do if a diplomat is responsible for manslaughter. It's hard to swallow the truth but we can not complain about the dangerous driving of foreigners because we know how we drive. Traffic in Pakistan is a big mess and it's getting Diplomater flyr kabul everyday.

More and more vehicles are coming on roads but density of roads is virtually the same. People get license without knowing driving, people driving on roads without license. Even if one goes for a driving test, it's just driving in a car park or an empty plot. The whole system is in shambles. Consular officers shall not be liable to arrest or detention pending trial, except in the case of a grave crime and pursuant to a decision by the competent judicial authority.

Should the latter be himself the object of any such measure, the receiving State shall notify the sending State through the diplomatic channel. Bravo Pakistan and "Diplomater flyr kabul" for taking bold steps. US is working for break up of your country. Don't be fearful from this bullying nation. George It's always better to read the news article in its entirety before Diplomater flyr kabul on it.

As the article clearly states that the reason Col. Hall has NOT Diplomater flyr kabul arrested is due to the immunity he enjoys under the Vienna conventions; however he is not allowed to leave the city of Islamabad.

Last Saturday, a daring afternoon rocket attack on Kabul's airport was revealed only when an American diplomat happened to be driving Diplomater flyr kabul.

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of Afghanistan as a nation,” said Niteen Yeola, an Indian diplomat here. Andrey Avetisyan, a veteran Kabul diplomat, said talk of a handover to the Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watch Diplomater flyr kabul fly.

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