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I have always belonged to that group of people that have had problems with their back, in one way or another.

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While I was playing football I had also problems with other parts of the body, and while I was playing volleyball I still remember that my lower arms always were tense and stiff.

So you could say I have always been in need of some kind of massage to make my pain go away. If my middle back has been hurting, I have asked to get the middle back massaged. Why, you might wonder? Problems with the back might also be caused by other muscles being tense, a good example is the gluteal muscles! But what is it that causes these problems? This kind of pain everyone has probably felt sometime in their life, right?

The pain is often Ryggsmartor lindras av musik by tense muscles in the neck and shoulders, which is quite common for for example office workers. Tension headache can also be caused by grinding the teeth, which causes tense jaw "Ryggsmartor lindras av musik," and also of course because of stress. As I mentioned before, I have had this problem while I was playing volleyball.

But if you disregard from those that engage in some kind of sport, even here office workers are the biggest risk category. If you have Ryggsmartor lindras av musik muscles in upper back, and at the same time tense chest muscles, the shoulders easily get pulled forward and that way cause a tension in the shoulders.

Problems with the lower back is an area that might have an infinite amount of causes to the pain.

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Since I started working at an office, and sit in front of the computer eight hours per day, I have noticed that this is the area that I have most "Ryggsmartor lindras av musik" with. But before you can start the treatment for the lower back, there are certain things that the masseur outrule before the massage can begin. For example, if there is a risk that the pain is caused by a herniated disc or acute lumbago, the patient is asked to visit a doctor.

If the test for a herniated disc is negative, the masseur continues finding out what might cause the pain. Radiating pain in the legs can be either sciatica or false sciatica. Sciatica means that there is a reaction in the sciatica nerve that is caused by an herniated disc in the lower back, while false sciatica means that the sciatica is pinched normally by the piriformis muscle, which is a deep gluteal muscle. Also here the patient is tested for herniated disc, and if the test is positive the patient is asked to visit a doctor.

I have also asked Linda to tell which areas she focuses on in her treatments when it comes to certain pains, and also what we can do ourselves to prevent Ryggsmartor lindras av musik in the already mentioned areas.

But I will write about that in another blogpost, so stay tuned! A Finland-Swedish furniture designer and visual merchandiser with a great passion for traveling and adventure. In Ryggsmartor lindras av musik blog you get to read about everything from inspiring homes and product design to traveling abroad and what all Finland's most wonderful city, Turku, has to offer.

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