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Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset


A Russian base in Venezuela? They have delivered Suhkoi advanced fighter jets, battle tanks T, and have signed a deal to establish a km 2 banana plantation south of Lake Maracaibo. Sunday January 30 they are reportedly planning to confiscate houses and lots in Santa Barbara itself, perhaps to get housing for the Russians.

The gendarmes GN are assisting with these confiscations. All of this is of course blatant violations of the UN declaration of universal human rights. Many regular folks in Venezuela are determined to prevent this, to stand up to the military, and the live blog below is set up so they can post there tweets and photos in real time as events unfold. However, the real deal behind this is oil: Where are the oil reserves of Venezuela?

Take a wild guess. Yes, much of it is around Lake Maracaibo. Photos of military operations in the area http: The confiscations tomorrow include property belonging to a man who was arrested accused of having set this fire, so this news is very relevant. At the night of the fire some farmers, chavistas, were drinking in the INTI office with the head of the office. But that evening they found out that the land would go to a banana deal with a Russian company, and so they got mad. They went out to block a road, but there was no traffic at that time of night so they returned, observed by quite a few persons.

When the firemen arrived the head of the office held them back, dressed in only underwear, pistol "Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset" hand. When he finally allowed them to extinguish the fire, when all the documents had burned except his address bookthey found a woman locked up in the bathroom. Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset then about a dozen Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset have been arrested, who all have one thing in common: They are in opposition to Chavez.

Wait, they have two things in common. Neither one was there that night. Footnote about the oil reserves. The Parliamentarians highlighted the career of the President of UnoAmerica: He is a prominent intellectual who has written thousands of articles and 6 books, some of which have been translated into other languages. Sanz Gutierrez, who in the Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset days will assume his post as head of the opposition bloc. Operation Venezuela took place January 23, Sunday 10 AM, on the anniversary of the deposing of a dictator in Venezuela The main rally was in Caracas.

There were support rallies against dictatorship in Venezuela on 4 continents. To help with orientation this map was created in Google Maps. Miraflores is the presidential palace.

Here is a 4 minute...

The main gathering is at The main event is of course the one in Caracas, on the anniversary of the overthrowing of the last dictator. There will be no speeches or marches, just a mass gathering in Caracas, between Chacaito station and Parque del Este, along Avenida Fransisco de Miranda. This is about 6 km due east of the presidential palace, Miraflores. A list of confirmed venues follows the posters! La Carreta Argentina Leaked US diplomatic cablereproduced in its entirety. This was Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset June 16,12 days before the first major setback of Chavizm: The deposing of his Quisling in Honduras, Manuel Zelaya.

A student of history may find that most of these tenets are not new by any means. They have been used in the past over and over by other dictators, e. How much longer, Venezuela? It was 20 years ago today that the Soviet tanks ran over and killed 14 civilians when taking the TV-tower in Vilnius, Lithuania. In the second largest city of the country, Kaunas, Liucija Baskauskas was sitting Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset their TV-tower watching live feeds. She cabled out the news to every address in her address book, and thus made the world aware of the violent crackdown.

This, and her subsequent outspoken fearlessness on Lithuanian TV in the face of the Soviet threat, made her a national hero of the singing revolution, Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset it may well have contributed significantly to the success of the liberation of not just Lithuania but also of Latvia and Estonia.

These people were unarmed civilians.

på en av de 30...

Just like the ones who deposed the dictator of Tunisia two days ago. There is no doubt that many, many more lives would have been lost if they had chosen an armed struggle. What the Baltic peoples demonstrated to the world, was that even in the face of a cynical dictatorship an unarmed united people cannot be defeated.

The background to the event was that Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia had declared themselves independent from the Soviet Union. They came from all over the country, a friend of mine said she had a feeling something would happen and took the train from Kaunas to Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset after work, to stand guard rather than sleep. In the following months Liucija Baskauskas told her audience, every day, not to Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset themselves be intimidated into silence but to keep talking about what they had seen that night.

In fact, she asked them to write down their eyewitness accounts and to send them to the TV show. They got over 3, accounts of what had happened that faithful night. The stories were typed in a computer database, and the letters destroyed to avoid that they fell in the hands of KGB.

Finally the hard disk of the computer was destroyed to eliminate the risk that it was decoded by KGB. Luckily something unexpected happened, and that was when Boris Yeltsin perhaps after having too much vodka? May God bless all those who gave their life for freedom that night. They changed the course of history for the better, for all of us. Para detener la dictadura el pueblo tiene que actuar ahora, antes que se ha consolidado por completo.

On January 23,the people of Venezuela threw out the dictator. January 23,they again take to the streets against a dictator. The protest will be carried out from 10 AM to noon in Caracas as well as in cities all over the country. The protest is organized by a large number of organizations in cooperation. Det kalla kriget tog inte slut med kommunismens fall i Europa. Typ Manuel Zelaya i Honduras, han fick 50 miljoner.

It has a m airfield. Text from press release used with permission. From the gathering in Caracas. The crowd continued around the corner of the boulevard in the top left corner. I estimate Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatsetpeople. The state TV channel "Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset" persons.

Updated map over Caracas with relevant information. Chavistas are meeting at Plaza O'Leary and marching to Miraflores. The opposition is meeting at Centro Comercial Lido. The metropolitan police is "Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset" between the two. SEBIN is the political police, where many political prisoners are held. The airport is in the east. Click to see in full scale. Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset

På morgonen inringar stridsvagnar presidentpalatset...

Blog page created El Arepazo 2 NW 79th Ave. Despite President Chavez's professed allegiance to socialism, his political project lacks any consistent ideology. Instead, the Venezuelan president exercises an increasingly authoritarian playbook that ensures his unquestioned, indefinite leadership and concentrates more and more power in his hands.

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela GBRV aggressively defends its democratic legitimacy at the same time that it targets key opposition leaders, polarizes society along political and Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset lines, and hypes the existence of external and internal enemies to justify repressive measures. Chavez's preference for loyalty over competence, creation of parallel Bolivarian institutions, efforts to forge a one-party state, and chest-thumping nationalism also smack of creeping totalitarianism.

Overall, Chavismo poses a serious threat to democracy not just in Venezuela but throughout the region, and it directly competes against U. Moreover, it is becoming ever Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset difficult to begin any dialogue with a GBRV increasingly consumed by its own solipsistic "revolutionary" fervor and outsized ambition.

C President Chavez has carefully cultivated his own personality cult, such that for most Venezuelan voters, President Chavez embodies Chavismo. Venezuelans can buy a wide range of Chavez paraphernalia from Chavez action figures to Chavez watches to a compact disc of Chavez singing Venezuelan folk songs. He dominates all state media, which also broadcast his Sunday "Alo, Presidente" talk show. Chavez regularly requires all local television and radio networks to carry his speeches "cadenas" ; he has wracked up over such hours 50 days on the air.

He has not groomed any successor and he frequently rebukes even his most trusted advisors publicly. C In pursuing the elimination of presidential term limits, Chavez declared publicly numerous times that he is indispensable to his Bolivarian Revolution. While voters Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset his constitutional reform package in Decemberhe succeeded in winning public approval of the elimination of term limits for all Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset offices in the February referendum.

Chavez has repeatedly stated that he plans to govern at least until A corollary to the Venezuelan president's protagonism is that there can be no Chavismo without Chavez. No Chavez supporter who has broken with Chavez has prospered politically. The formerly pro-Chavez Podemos party is all but broken after opposing Chavez's constitutional reform package.

rådet vid där parlamentet anser än 63 sårade 63 sällar 63 svavelhalten 63 stridsvagnar 63 spänt 63 specificerar 7 pressades 7 presidentämbetet 7 presidentpalatset 7 preparaten 7 prarbete.

på en av de 30 stridsvagnar som hade samlats utanför presidentpalatset. och att vilja stanna vid makten längre än vad som ursprungligt hade Stridsvagnar vid presidentpalatset. Video. Language: Persian with English subtitles. Running time: 56 min. Awards: Winner Snart är presidentpalatset omringat av stridsvagnar och president.

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